Tennessee, USA

Hello, I've been interested in learning to speedrun this game but currently I will only be able to play on an emulator. Is there a specific one I should/can use? Thank you

New Mexico, USA

Emulator is banned because DK64 does not emulate well (particularly poor lag emulation), so if you play on emulator you will not be allowed to submit to the leaderboards.

If you're just looking to play the game, BizHawk is currently the best emulator for DK64 ( http://tasvideos.org/BizHawk.html ).

1.11.5 is the best version if BizHawk according to theballaam96.

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Tennessee, USA

alright, thanks. I'll probably wont be submitting for a while (until i can go back home) but hopefully before i will be soon. Appreciate it!

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