How to get Key 5 in Aztec
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How to get Key 5 in Aztec
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I've been wondering how to get the 5th key in Aztec. I know you do DK's air attack near Dogadon's face, but I don't know the specifics of it. Also, can it be beat by DK in Fungi Forest or just Aztec?


For getting Key 5 in Aztec, what works for me is putting the TNT barrel where Dogadon will slap his right hand into the ground, and just let DK stay next to the barrel, but where he is between Dogadon and the barrel, then just wait for Dogadon to do the slap move

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Works in both Aztec and Fungi Forest

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The quick kill works for both Fungi and Aztec. The basic idea is you need to take damage at the same time as you damage dogadon. Simple as that, and it will always yield key 5. There's a variety of setups to make it work. You can look at either the tutorial Horhay posted or almost anyone's NLE or 101% PB. If you have further specific questions I suggest joining the community discord server. We have a help channel, where people can give more in depth answers, and whatever your question is it will usually get answered by some of the more experienced runners fairly quickly.

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