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New Categories?
Alberta, Canada

It's already been discussed time and time again - no. Glitchless is a boring run, a boring watch, and plainly not a good idea for this game. It doesn't matter if other games have "Glitchless" categories, this one doesn't. If you want to run it glitchless, go for it, but don't expect a leaderboard or anything out of it.

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Wisconsin, USA

To elaborate on what TJ meant by "not a good idea for this game", one of the biggest issues with DK64 Glitchless is that there are so many tricks in this game that are borderline glitches that the community would have a difficult time agreeing on what is a glitch or not.

And again, the run is boring as hell: we know, we've tried running it before :P

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Wisconsin, USA

Additionally, judging by your post history, you should reconsider going around to random games you don't speedrun and asking for categories to be added, especially the games with large communities like DK64. Generally, these communities' leaderboards are dictated by the people who have been running the game for years and years and put in countless hours of effort into the game, so doing what you've been doing comes off as pretty rude

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Hmm, well there is a category I enforced a little while ago, however nobody else does it and I haven't spoken to many about it. MadJack% - Timer would start on your first input. You must rescue all kongs. No cheats allowed. Must fight bosses (if you cannot skip doing them) as original kongs, example; you must use Tiny when fighting MadJack. Timer ends when you collect the key. This would be a great category for beginners and such.

Alberta, Canada

What you're talking about is Key 3 RTA and that's not how it works. It's start timer on file select or activate ISG and timing ends when you grab the key.

A great category for beginners is No Levels Early as there is a beginner route. If you don't have the time for it, then run Any% with the old route (we generally refer to it as 5 Kong). Both of those are years better than what you're suggesting.

Connecticut, USA

No one is restricting you from making categories. However, that does not mean there needs to be a leaderboard for every arbitrary category that anyone could possibly think of. There is an additional place off called the various category leaderboard where glitchless along with many other categories are as to not clutter this leaderboard. If something has many runners doing the category, such as any% all keys did last year, it has the possibility to be added as a miscellaneous category (or even eventually as a main category). However, this requires more than one person if interest and there may be reasons for not having the category, such as glitchless that the community knows about that may not be talked about in public as 2dos eluded to.

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Texas, USA

The Various Category leaderboard that Kiwi was talking about (It is in the resources page on too, amongst other resources):

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