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I found out an issue with the current rules for Deeper Dungeon. The criteria of when the timer ends/starts is inaccurate and could show very separate instances of time since the loading time is calculated into the run.

I've been working on a solution to this problem via Livesplit as well as Cheat Engine in order to write a script that detects automatically exactly when you get control of the units. That would remove the loading time as well as the short "cinematic intro" and actually calculate from the very moment you are able to do something at all.

What I found so far will only be sufficient for single-level runs but I will be working for a full game run solution as well. In this process I'll also be looking at to make good scripts for split times, but that will take a while longer. Currently this will only detect the start and the end, which would be the basics for a run.

The pointers I've found (in Dungeon Keeper FX ver 0.4.6u build 1850 (standard release)) are:
Victory 1 - "keeperfx.dll+1F0354"
Victory 2 - "keeperfx.dll+334AFC"
Victory 3 - "keeperfx.dll+334B04"
Unit control - "keeperfx.dll+1F07D0"
And I'll be working on making a script out of these ASAP. When I've succeeded I will probably change the rules. For running times already made that primarily means that my runs on DD will be inaccurate, but it's better to get accurate timings I think.

If you want me to search for adresses or pointers to split times, write here and I'll do my best to find it. I'll post all of my progress here, and the livesplit auto split database at


I will add different versions to the run list options. "zoonel"'s pioneering run for instance is run on the original game. "Hodgey"'s runs are on GOG version and I am running on DKFX.

Argueably a person would say that the original game is the same as GOG. The difference would be that the GOG runs via DOSBox as the original game runs on an old OS (win98 I believe this is what zoonel did). The main difference would be for keeperFX runners, where the "fix" acually does get updated and some fundamental values as well as AI has been changed. It is not fair to put the original/GOG version against the DKFX so I'll make a table for that as well.

All well, keepers!


Hello! Thanks for all your efforts! 😃

I have never speedrun, but I was looking at the epic full game run and I was wondering:

Would it make sense to create a category without creature possession and without creature transfer? To give it a spin and make it more true to the original experience. It's perhaps a more beginner-friendly category (speaking for myself after watching the madness in the full run) and less about clicking and reacting hyper fast.

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@coderMess i was just thinking this myself, i would like to see a 'no possession' section like in DK2. I would definitely run this category, if it was available.


I will make a no possession section for you guys. I look forward to seeing your runs!



Since no run in the "No Possession" category has been submitted in two years time I will remove this category again.