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I just bought the game, and im thinking of speed-running it if it is fun.

But i cant find anywhere about what emulators are allowed for PS1 games.

Since some here applied times where they played on an EMU, what EMU was it you used?

Grateful for help 😃


Did find a 3year old thread saying Bizhawk is an accepted EMU for PS1, so ill start with that.

The reason to use EMU is that i cant connect my PS1 to any recording device. But since i own the game in physical disks atm, i feel that allowes me to use an EMU without guilt 😃


Some games (like Resident Evil) have strict rules on which emulators are allowed.
The Little Mermaid doesn't have such strict rules.

I use PSXfin or RetroArch for my speedruns, and Bizhawk for TAS.
As long as you're not cheating, you can use any emulator you want.