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So I think it would be nice if we could have a new game plus speedrun for dishonored 1
like for example we could use chikawowow new game plus save or TheNamesAttano New game plus save with all bonecharms and then speedrun the game now these saves start at the beginning of mission 2 at the hound pits
But there could be a rule for that like
In order to start a speedrun you must start a new game and then after finishing mission 1 load the new game plus save
and also maybe we could already buy the upgrades from piero and buy powers while in the hound pits then save and then we could use that for our speedrun


Hello! Sorry for the long reply, the category you are suggesting would not really change the run in enough of a way worth making a board, plus for a new category to be made, we need people running it 🙂 The game charms really dont change the game enough to warrant a new category but Daudhonored has blink in prison if you would like to check that out. Otherwise you of course are free to run whatever you want, even if it doesn't have a board.

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