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Exactly what the title says. I know a way to beat the level "A Crack in the Slab" without going into the backyard via an out-of-bounds clip/glitch in the ruined manner. It's fast, simple, and easily repeatable.

Is anyone interested? Do you guys know about ACitS OoB already?

I know very little about Dishonored 2 speedrunning, I've only ever seen two speedruns (SGDQ 2017 and the current world record). But the current world record video doesn't have any OoB in that level, so I thought I'd share if anyone was interested.


Well, you could just post a video / pictures w/e you have on it, instead of doing a guessing game.
We know about ways to OoB in the mission 7, and there's been several suggestions that have been ultimately shot down due to not being fast enough/just not really worth.

The discord information is in Resources channel if you want to post it there instead.


Yeah, OK. Here is a video. Hope it helps. 🙂