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Hey guys, I have been messing around with Dishonored for a few days now and I think I might have found an Any% strat for Return to the Tower that is faster than the one the current world record uses.

Unfortunately my computer is garbage so I cant record or time it properly (my fps becomes too low to do elevators) so I will try to describe it and I hope someone who has a better computer (and is better at speedrunning :P) can time it.

You start of with the normal route but instead of going in through the front doors you activate the alarm in the courtyard infront of the doors. Then you blink up to the ledge on the right side of the entrance and use an elevator to get to the top of the tower.

Once you are on top you quickly enter and exit the door to the interior (to spawn the Lord Regent) and then go into his safe house and throw a grenade over the wall of light (this nade has been pretty finnicky when I have done test runs).

After you have killed the Lord Regent you escape by dropping down into the moat and then leave using the standard route.

I am not sure if this strat would mess up the mana route, you can still pick up atleast one of the mana pots you usually grab outside, and you use less blinks.

Hope you guys find it interesting!

Edit: I managed to make a video of the strat:

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Pretty cool.


Okay, so I timed this with my phone. Your run came to about 1:20 (w/ out load) and the WR comes to about 57 sec. However, your run could be done a lot faster, with getting elevators first try and I think you could throw the grenade at the lord regent earlier. I'm not sure if it could be lowered by 23 sec though. Also, you would need an extra grenade.