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I have a desktop and I run dishonored perfectly. I have all of the right ini files edited and the graphics are lowered. But I wanted to know something about the elevator in Prison. What keys are u supposed to press to do the elevator and do u press any extra keys to make an elevator easier. But most of all what is the timing for an elevator. what time am I supposed to click the space bar to do the elevator?? I know this is a lot of questions but I will thank you if u answer them so thank you 🙂


Thank you and also I am struggling with the slip clip through the door at sewers after you get betrayed for the second time after flooded. for some reason I cannot go through that door but I can successfully do a slip clip on all the others. do u know why this is ???

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It's because this door is wider so it's harder to slip clip here. You can do it with a different way to be more consistant. You can watch my PB to see how I do it if it can help you.


ok I will thanks


I am able to hit the safe elevator in prison but I cannot get high enough to get out of bounds. is there a certain setting I have to have disabled to be able to do this ???


MikeHall, read from here down, might help!

tl;dr you need high framerates to do elevators. Obviously, framerate is based on computer performance. Follow Chops' setup tutorial, play on lowest video settings, turn vsync off... those will help raise your framerate and get higher elevators. You can check your framerate using Steam overlay. I don't know the minimum FPS for that elevator.