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The discord link on the left has our discord, that's super helpful.
Either way I can explain it to you.

The rules clearly say that you should start the run, creating a save from the autosave so the guard isn't like a billion miles away, this alone wouldn't really matter but everyone's playing by the same rules so might aswell mention it.

Your submitted time was 44:02

But the run time obviously wasn't this? this alone again, could be fixable but it just made it look that you really didn't care about the submission that much so why should we.

You did add the time without loads, but you're already using livesplit which let's you use the ingame time really easily aswell. There's a guide in the guides section showing how this is done.


It's just that we've had plenty of submissions that are done haphazardly, and there's really no reason to submit with just real time unless you're playing on a console.

And again, you're free to come to the discord and ask for help if something is still unclear, there's quite a few helpful runners around.
Hopefully this clarified the matter.

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The time that is shown in livesplit is with loads. Because of my current setup im not really able to pause/unpause livesplit while im playing. The time w/o loads came from me when i was rewatching the video and paused timesplit everytime the game was loading. But this infact clarified it. Thank you very much. I will soon submit a run that is, hopefully, valid^^
Im sorry it looked like i didnt care.