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I watched a Dishonored 2 powerless run and thought why not try the first one powerless. I later found out that there is no possible way to do the outsider intro without blink, so i have a question. Should i only use blink only when neccessary or should I just finish the outsider as quickly as possible and use as many blinks as i want? Any replies would be much appreciated 🙂


Yeah, that's basically what we do. A few people including my self ran blinkless in the past and we blinked as much as possible in dream and then just never after that point. Although, due to that a few people wouldn't take it seriously despite it being a great category full of skill, impressive tricks and strats and discipline. An under appreciated category. That's blinkless though, not no powers. We still used slow time and agility but I imagine the same would still apply.

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Thanks a bunch, so would there be no point in asking for a new miscellaneous category for this game since it isn't taken too seriously?

I have just been running the game recently with no powers at all and been enjoying it very much, unfortunately since i run it on console i have to blink on the Regent mission to get up the waterlock as you can't elevator on console. Overall i uave been enjoying myself very much though 🙂 Thank you for the reply!