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Hello guys, I was looking for informations on how to skip some dialogues like I saw it in Heny's run but I didn't find anything.

Do you guys have some advices ?

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Hi, is this what you mean?

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Hello, yeah I saw this one thank you but I know there is also one dialogue skip after the flooded district I would like to do (with the outsider) and on Heny's WR we can see him skipping some dialogues fastly.

We already can skip dialogues in the game by pressing 'F' but in his run those dialogues are skipped very fastly ^^


The outsider dialog after the flooded cutscene is skipped by doing a skip storage all the way from the end of skipping the final part of the cutscenes before loading into flooded. (The ones after you get poisoned)


Ok thank you I'll try that 😃