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Hello, I have decided to learn the routes for this games any%.
I can get the elavator on the right side almost every time and the left sometimes. However regardless of where I jump from I always die when landing on the side of the bridge. ive watched runs and tutorials and no one ever seems to die on this fall. Ive tried jumped right before i hit it. Landing at different parts of it. Always die. If theres anything Im doing wrong please tell me. Thanks!


You'll get better help going forward if you join our discord:

But other than that, you're falling from too high up. climb up on to the highest ledge but don't go all the way to the center.
If you go from the center it's too high up and splat, dead.
Stay near the edge and you'll be fine.


thank you for the reply! Just joined the discord? I managed do get it once so im sure im just not jumping off at the right point. Thanks again


Do not jump, just run off. Jumping off will kill you.