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I only tried the first one yet. I always get the shitty elevator wich doesnt bring me all the way up. I have like 150-200 fps while doing this. For reference:


Once you get up there, try doing another elevator to the very top.


Check this out: https:/​/​docs.​google.​com/​document/​d/​1DB003MiFfi_CIBFq0F5Hnjp32o4_ro2cZDkAD2fvmP4/​edit?usp=sharing
That covers how to do it and also a backup elevator that is only slightly slower and much easier.

Getting that all the way to the top is very rare, so rare its called god elevator. Nobody goes for that, even the world record does two elevators (but in such a way that there is no climb up animation in the middle of it. Good luck!

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Thank you this was extremely helpfull! I had one idea for the sheet tho: at the 2nd elevator in the garden (the very long one) I was required to press w when i reached the top or else id fall down and die, this took me longer to figure than im willing to admit.


Repressing space at the top of that one can also help! I personally spam it a bit there if the elevator is kinda dodgy