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Basically what the title says, I'm new to speedrunning and I don't think I'm ready for a full game run.


This will be cool if speedrunning of certain levels will be add


Ceara (one of the mods) said he doesnt see the point in it way too hard to regulate and can result in level spam. since he does most of the verifying he doesnt wanna verify level runs. I wouldn't mind being the one doing level run verifying but i dont know enough about the game to do it. Also mission select doesnt exist on the patch we play on.


I am personally against a IL leaderboard for dishonored, mostly because of the mana system. Would an IL run allow using all bonecharms and full potions every time? could you do campbell starting with full ability upgrades? What about intermissions, do they count? The lines become very arbitrary, and considering most levels start with a 30 second cutscene it sounds rather less fun than full game runs.

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Also, remember that you can speedrun anything you want, even without a leaderboard :3

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I am just echoing what has been already said here.
IL runs are great for some games, if you had played this game enough you'd understand why it wouldn't be for the dishonored franchise.

Way, way waaaaaay too messy like Lurven said with potions and other nonsense.


thank you all, I definitely see what you mean by it being to hard to moderate.

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