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I downgraded the game to 1.2 correctly but i dont have Void Walkers Arsenal in the bedroom, is there a way to fix this, thanks


Did you have void walker's arsenal in the first place?


No but in previous posts people say the downpatch is meant to give you the dlc


I think the down patch is just a few .ini files so it wouldn't really make sense that it would unlock void walker's arsenal, but I might be wrong.
Last week I did the downpatch, with already having the voidwalkers arsenal installed and it worked for me.


Downpatching to 1.2 does indeed give you access to the DLC, why? no clue.
I had this issue recently too and I just instead of reinstalling for the billionth time bought the dlc and downpatched then.
It's fairly cheap, but if you don't wanna do that then I can't say other than try reinstalling it/removing the downpatch and trying again.