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is legacy this game's equivalent of glitchless? and if so why is it named legacy? kinda out of the loop on this one


2. The following glitches/tricks are banned
- Blinking through solid surfaces.
- Grabbing items by forcing the camera through solid surfaces.
- Gaining height using the "Elevator" glitch.
- Outsider warp (jumping just before fading out before Outsider Dream which causes you to "warp" upstairs to the Outsider instantly).
- Using the Voidwalker's Arsenal DLC items is not allowed.

It's as close to "glitchless" as you're gonna get on this leaderboard, it's called that because calling anything glitchless is generally arbitrary and kinda silly.
Easier to blacklist stuff out rather than have a massive argument every 2 seconds about what is a glitch and what is not 🙂.