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Hey there!

So I'm currently running console and I'm not a 100% sure how sister luck works, I think it works the same as PC but I'm not sure. Either way, could somebody generously explain exactly how sister luck works on either PC or console? Specifically:

- Can sister luck be setup? Can you reset until perfect luck is achieved then start a new game and recreate it?

- If you lean through the wall to pick up a paper, are they always the same? Is there a certain paper I should grab? Is there a way to always make that paper complete the mission? What happens if there's a paper on the desk and only two in the wall?

- What happens if you kill a sister (lets say black) and pick up the paper that says kill the sister in black but the mission doesn't end?

- Is there a good backup if it doesn't work? What is the fastest strat in each scenario?

Thank you, any amount of info would help out a bunch!


Awesome, thanks a bunch! Feel free to post here if anybody finds some more info on sisters in the future.