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Hi there !
Im back ! 😛
I'll try to do my best to explain what I want to ask... sorry for my bad english tho !

I'm currently re-learning any% and I got trouble with the "new" slip clip in Flooded District. So I tried to find another way to do it instead of the "sprint + lean + straff then blink" method.

I don't know if this is known already, but you can blink by leaning, going forward + straff, then blink. This is way more consistant for me, also it might be useful in another place.

Besides, I experienced some weird things .
If I'm playing without recording or streaming, I got in a particular state where I am kinda stucked each time I lean.
But if I start streaming/recording (obs or fraps, it is equal) I rarely have this problem. I guess it has to do with framerate?
My fps are ~180/230 when using obs, ~250/more without obs/fraps

The thing is, when I got that "frozen lean" state, I can easily slip clip at flooded district, by pressing backward (so I don't get to close to the wall and kinda reset my state and then I can see through the wall again), then forward + straff, and blink.

Has anyone ever encountered this? 😃


There are plenty of variations to slip-clips, if you've found one that works for you that's great! 🙂

Getting stuck in lean is a known issue that happens more frequently on higher fps (explaining why you don't get it when recording/streaming). Most people cap the framerate to around 250 instead of playing with it uncapped to avoid this. Too high fps can also give sticky walls, which is annoying when doing elevators. An easy way to get out of the leaned state is to just open and close the powers menu.


Thanks for your answer ! 🙂


Hi there. I came back to running this game after a few months and I have a new pc. I've capped the framerate to 250 as part of the usual run setup, but I have the same lean bug where I get stuck unless I open and close the powers menu. Any help would be appreciated because every other forum doesn't even suggest a solution.


Hello guys, you also can quick save to cancel lean position then you don't have to lose any time 🙂