Dishonored Forum  /  quick question what does the term legacy mean

im confused what legacy mean does it mean glitchless


Yes, No at the same time. FrankerZ


It means Legacy, dude. yaknow? legacy 😎

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It means literally everything. What is even the point of existing and in extension what is even the point of having legacy. Why do we even exist?


Just read the rules. It's kinda glitchless depending on your opinion on asses and sworldess. It's the only true speedrun category. It doesn't take skill to glitch out a game. If you're planning on learning the run, learn this or no balls.


Thanks also what does asses mean ik what swordless means


I mean I like to think of Legacy as Glitchless. No slip clips, elevators, etc. But you can still do asses and swordless. I run legacy because my computer has a hard time consistently getting the appropriate frames needed to do some of the tricks in any%. I feel like it's a decent place to start if you're looking at running the game.