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As is, the timing rules for runs are as such:
-Timer starts the first frame the screen darkens after pressing start
-Timer ends on the first frame of the credits screen background image OR the first frame of audio if not BG image exists

I don't see any issues with the starting time, but there has been discussion in the past about the ending times.

When I initially made this board, there was no consistent end time for runs between the other Disgaea boards, so I ended up deciding on the credits, to include the last bit of button presses in the post-boss cutscene.

However, after viewing all the category endings, it became clear that some credits have a visual before an audio cue(Axel), some of have an audio cue before a visual one(Good/Bad).

This makes timing the runs awkward; not impossible, but awkward.

For the ease of timing, and accuracy, I propose we change the end time to:
On categories that involve winning the last battle(Good/bad/etc):
"The first frame that the "stage clear" text becomes visible "
On categories that involve losing the last battle(Axel)
"The first solid black frame after losing the battle"

I recognize that this would require me to retime every current run; but I'd be willing to do that on some upcoming weekend.

If you have any thoughts or concerns about this, please let me know!