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Thread: Bots Deletion Thread

Started by: MetaMeta

The 'Cheater' guy alts is now constantly using slurs, spreading dangerous anti-vaxx rhetoric and openly hoping for the death of starcrytas. Please do something about this.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Need more pronouns added please.

Started by: RetroPacmanRetroPacman

@Oreo321Oreo321 Unless you're in a hivemind, of course.

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Forum: Talk

Thread: How/Where did you get your username?

Started by: GuffGuff

I straight up just mashed some words together. I can't remember what the whole thing stands for, but the 'disc' comes from 'discord' and the 'ola' comes from 'cola' (was drinking Coca Cola constantly at the time when I decided to re-brand).

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Forum: Hunt Down the Freeman

Thread: dev console during tutorial

Started by: discranoladiscranola

I noticed Keagen inputted console commands during the tutorial, what were they? The video quality was too blurry to tell and I was under the impression console commands were mostly banned on this site.


Forum: Pathologic Classic HD

Thread: Load remover?

Started by: discranoladiscranola

Does this game have any load remover script? Interested in maybe speedrunning but my PC isn't the best and I think my loading screens could give me a disadvantage.

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Speedrun games that deserve more attention

Started by: Peace2drivePeace2drive

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The Spark The Electric Jester series for sure, especially the second game. https://www.speedrun.com/spark1
https://www.speedrun.com/spark2 A well-known speed bug was made official and consistent through a patch and the developer supports speedruns.

Speedrunning aside the games are very high-quality for being made by one guy (apart from the music which is also fantastic) and I would highly recommend them, especially since the two of them bundled together on Steam is really cheap! They're also very fun to play casually and I'm sure I'll continue playing them for months to come.