World Tour 100% in 1h 41m 33s by Thebpg13Thebpg13 - 1st place

Run was done during a marathon, had my splits going as the run went on and managed to save some time by just doing the whole career in the right order rather than doing Any% then clearing up.


Played on PlayStation Portable [EUR] ᴇᴍᴜ on

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Name Duration Finished at
- The Meat Grinder (All Races) 10m 12s 000ms 10m 12s
- Three by 4WD (All Races) 7m 25s 000ms 17m 37s
- Dusty Trails (All Races) 5m 25s 000ms 23m 03s
{Clubman Tour} Trophy Truckin' (1 Race) 1m 33s 000ms 24m 37s
- Over Easy (1 Race) 3m 13s 000ms 27m 50s
- Chilly Chilli (All Races) 5m 11s 000ms 33m 01s
- Trailblazing (All Races) 11m 18s 000ms 44m 20s
{Amateur Tour} Stadium Rocks (All Races) 7m 09s 000ms 51m 29s
-DiRT-e-South (All Races) 4m 05s 000ms 55m 35s
-Raid in England (All Races) 4m 40s 000ms 1h 00m 15s
-Sprint Special (All Races) 5m 27s 000ms 1h 05m 43s
{Pro-AM Tour} Four by 4WD (All Races) 9m 49s 000ms 1h 15m 32s
- Ice Breaker (All Races) 5m 01s 000ms 1h 20m 33s
- Vice Versa (All Races) - -
- Uphill Battle (All Races) 15m 55s 000ms 1h 36m 29s
{Pro Tour} Hope and Glory (All Races) 5m 04s 000ms 1h 41m 33s
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