Diet HUTEfest finished on .


We’re going to be putting on Diet HUTEfest on the weekend of October 26-27! It’s going to be a marathon showcasing a bunch of cool games over the weekend, and be a chill environment for people to just hang out.

We’re looking for speedruns and “superplays” (e.g. Score Attack, Glitch Showcase, Tutorials) for the event. If you’re a speedrunner, or if you know some cool tricks or glitches in a game, we’d love for you to submit! Keep in mind, you don’t have to be a top runner, you just have to know some cool stuff about the game.

The marathon will last for approximately 24 hours, and will take place from 10am-10pm EDT Oct 26 and 27. We will not be raising money for any charity or cause at this time, however, if there are any cool things you’d like to show off in your run (think of GDQ donation incentives) we’d love to see them!

We are also looking for volunteers! These include chat mods, hosts, audio testers, backup restreamers, and 1-2 people for games committee. If you’re interested in helping with the event, feel free to fill out the form in the forums.