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Ontario, Canada

Hi guys,

This thread is brought to you by the joys of glitch hunting and theory crafting! Feel free to post any and all glitches or ideas you may have discovered or think should be added to the run. Useless glitches are also welcome!

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Ontario, Canada

So I happened to find a very weird and seemingly pointless glitch the other day:

Seems that if you cast town portal inside Lazarus room inside the very bottom "hidden" section, it will reseal!

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Why does this happen? See video:

Also: sometimes the automap gets bugged out and shows you some random area when entering a new level, anyone know anything about this? Sometimes it reveals the stairs to the next level.

I guess it might be worth mentioning here that in the hardcore category, using townportals on level 5, 9 and 13 to cross over walls and lava rivers or difficult boss packs etc. can be really helpful, assuming you have a up to town nearby and perhaps need to go to town anyways.

Ontario, Canada

That's a normal 'glitch' it actually happened on every map you enter, just sometimes it chooses empty white space. Basically, it's caused by your position on the previous level. Known in multiplayer as 'Ghosting' when entering stairways your character exists in two places at the same time: the previous level's exit, and the current level's entrance (at least at the time of loading)

¤EDIT:¤ I just saw the video, that is a known glitch as well. Traps have the chance to proc multiple times upon hit, so it looks like that trap hit you likely 5+ times which is incredibly unlucky. Most of the time from what I've seen its 1-3 times. Rogues arrows with lightning/fire prefex also take effect from this bug, making their damage much higher on average than listed.

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