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Announcing the details of ESA Winter Highlights!

After some time confirming details, we're now able to reveal the details of the ESA marathon happening at Dreamhack Winter. We're changing some things around this time, to make the marathon more fun for everyone.

Winter Highlights
This new sub-title is going to be our theme for Dreamhack Winter. This name captures everything that’s different about Dreamhack, it’s a shorter marathon but with the same great runners. Future ESA side events will all be similarly themed.

Casually it's still just 'the dreamhack marathon' but we feel it's important to develop the event 'brand' as unique and different the week long main event.

Daily Blocks
Each day is going to be presented as a themed block, running from 2pm to approximately 5am. These themes are

Thursday: Modern Games
Friday: Nintendo Games
Saturday: Retro Games

From 5am to 2pm the live stream will stop and show a time-shifted re-run of the previous day’s runs, without the setup time. This is primarily to make sure everyone is well rested and fresh, but it also means our friends in Eastern timezones can see as much of the the same content ‘as live’ as possible.

This time we are going to be in the rear of hall B, beside the smash. This will be a louder room than before, but measures should be in place to make it as much ‘business as normal’ as possible.

We’ve gone back and forth on this decision a couple of times, and can finally announce ESA Winter Highlights is not going to be following the conventional model of fundraising for charity though incentives. This fits in with keeping the event a low-key community meetup without the pressure of having to stay on message and drive donations.

We’ll have a small conventional tip box below the stream to encourage donations that allow us continue to run side events like going to Dreamhack. They cost quite a bit to put on (compared to what they bring in!) and every little helps. We continue to do these events for the community that comes to them and to help us revise and prepare the technical side for the main event in summer.

We’re having to cut back our list to runners only this time - there were a substantial number of people who signed up without runs and under the hospitality of Dreamhack we can’t allow this sort of growth. If you’re not in the list below and want to come (or have not made prior arrangement with Edenal), you’ll need to buy your own ticket for Dreamhack. In the future we’ll be announcing daily themes in advance so that people can submit with these ideas in mind.

The game list

The schedule itself is not confirmed however these are the runs you need to be practising!

Modern Games - Thursday
360Chrism - Portal - Any% No OoB
angelaachan - Rhythm Heaven - Any%
Firepaw - The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim - any%
Firepaw - Undertale - TPE (True Pacifist Ending)
Fuzzyness - Sega Bass Fishing - Any%
Hoyo - Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Any% I am Death incarnate!
Irregularjinny - Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 - Any% Copen
JangBang - Timesplitters 2 - Any% easy
JangBang - Eggomania - Hard boiled hard
Los & ellaapiie - LEGO Harry Potter - Year 1 - Co-op
MartinForSlund - Rayman - any%
Nord - Country Justice: Revenge of the Rednecks - Any%
Nord - Warden: Melody of the Undergrowth - Any%
Nord - Rise of the Tomb Raider - Any%
thiefbug - Mirror's Edge - any%

Nintendo Games - Friday
360Chrism - Pikmin 3 - All Fruits
druvan7 - Mario kart: double dash!! - 150cc All cup tour
Flippy_o / Taggo3435 - Super Mario 64 - 120 Star and 16 star
jelluh24 - Super Mario Galaxy - Any% Luigi
Linkus7 - Luigi's Mansion - Any%
Linkus7 - The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD - Master Sword
ParadoxKarl - super mario 64 ds - 50 Star
thiefbug - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - All Medallions

Retro Games - Saturday
COOLKID - Strider - any%
COOLKID vs Dxtr - Mega Man - any%
dxtr - Batman: The Video Game - Any%
dxtr - Ninja Gaiden - Any%
Edenal - Mega Man - Any%
Edenal - Chakan - Any%
Edenal & Grukk - World of Illusion - co-op
Fuzzyness - Pokemon Red - Any% Glitchless
joka - Mega Man 1-10 - 86 robot masters
joka - Little Nemo: The Dream Master - Any%
MaxieTheHatter - Wacky Races - Any%
MeridianPrime - Dr. Mario - Any%
Pro_JN - Magic Sword - Normal Beginning
Svenne - Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels - Any% Luigi
Svenne - Super Mario Bros. 3 - Any% No Wrong Warp
Svenne - Super Mario Bros. 2 - All Levels

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Good stuff


How is rayman not retro?


Rayman has too many bits. Released for the 32/64 bit console generation.

Retro has been arbitrarily limited to 8 or 16 bit consoles for this event. Or pre-5th console generation.


Syncing between Horaro and is now enabled so the schedule here will be equally up to date as the master copy at horaro!

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