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Please leave your feedback below!

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Feedback from a chatmoderators perspective.

My Chat Experience:
A meme was born. It was fun.
For the rest it was okay but sometimes people came asking if it was live (because of the name) but the name was already adressed in discord.
One thing something the organisers cant do something about but maybe twitch can. Modswords for people that arent mod but involved in the marathon. It would be nice to have roles for them that are not linked to being able to ban people in chat (to prevent rouge mods)

The intermissions improved.
We got music which was nice (but please remove Stickup from the playlist), some people didnt like the music others did, but with music it is hard to please everyone.
The cup was fun during intermissions, A few people dropped bits to support and it was nice during the intermission to have it as an extra. I hope it returns during the summer.

Donation tracker:
The newly made donation track was afaik a better option then G4G. I didnt hear anyone in chat complain about it.

on site contact:
The on site contact was okay during the marathon. Sometimes it was a bit harder to contact someone but nickflashing them and then waiting for a responce worked most of the times. Would still like to have a dedicated contactaccount for discord that tech/hosts can read while they are the station.

Other mods:
I think the mods did a good job, Cbenni didnt really have to step in and could concentrate on the rest of the dreamhack channels he also had to headmod. A few more during would be nice during the summer event (during the night mostly).

Personal note:
I hope you guys liked the tweets 😉

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I don't have anything from a runner's perspective that I think was bad. I liked our new location cause I had only a short walk to everything, and being placed so close to byoc boys and food seemed to bring more live spectators around.

Tech was smooth, and I really liked the big red button. I hope that wasn't the last we see of it.

All around just a great event to be at as a runner, and I may be wrong but it seems that we're only getting more and more live and online attention. I don't know if I'll be able to go to DHS17 if there is a marathon then too, but I do enjoy these events and my only real hope is that we get more runner variety, even though I'd probably be among the first to go. Great job boys.

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Just a little Feedback from a Viewer. I think i watched like 90% of the Event and overall i enjoyed it pretty much.

For the Stream/Tech i think it was pretty good. Sure, there have been some waiting Times between Games, but im pretty patient and it was still OKish. ( though the Chat was going crazy ofc ) I think there were a few Sound Problems here and there, mostly Volume i think. And since it was a new/different Set Up its completely understandable and fine with me.

Twitch Chat, well, was Twitch Chat. In the " early " hours, like early until late afternoon EU time it was ok and i had some really nice Chat Experiences, but the later it got, the worse the Chat went. But yeah, whatever, i had way worse Chats on Twitch before hah ! Oh and the Mods did a really awesome Job, like honestly. Especially Trollbear did a lot to support the Chat with whatever came up.

So, all in all it was a great Event and im looking forward to the " real " ESA in Summer. I wish we would have made a little more Money, but oh well, who doesn't wish for that right ? Keep up the good Work guys !