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Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Date  
JangBangJangBang Timesplitters: Future Perfect Any% easy 1:27:00 GCN EUR Link You know this one
JangBangJangBang Timesplitters 2 Any% easy 0:40:00 PS2 EUR Link This one was a hit at ESA as I'm sure you know. I got a ps2 copy some time ago so the run would be on that
JangBangJangBang Timesplitters All levels easy 0:18:00 PS2 EUR Link Short and sweet, loading times are a bitch but they're faster on my ps2 than on anyone elses
JangBangJangBang Eggomania Over easy 0:12:00 GCN EUR Link A "new" and improved reverse tetris with eggs and all new blocks. It's fast and fun.
JangBangJangBang Eggomania Hard boiled hard 0:26:00 GCN EUR Link Pretty alike over easy, but harder, longer, and more intense. In this game mode you get every block and item from the get go, and the distances to the balloons are longer.
jokajoka Mega Man 1-10 86 robot masters 4:30:00 NES JPN Link A long category that requires 4 different consoles: NES, SNES, PS1/2 and Wii(-U). I can't bring all of them myself. The switch between consoles also needs to be relatively smooth and quick. This might be awkward if someone is going to play any of the games already. If you think this wont fit or work for any reason, check my other submissions instead.
jokajoka Rockman & Forte Rockman 40:00:00 SNES JPN Link This game is impossible
jokajoka Mega Man 4 Any% 0:41:00 SNES USA Link This game is not impossible
jokajoka Little Nemo: The Dream Master Any% 0:25:00 NES JPN Link This game is awesome and you know it.
LosvikeNLosvikeN LEGO Harry Potter Year 1 - Co-op 1:00:00 PC EUR Link This run will be a Co-op run with Ellaapiie ( We did a few runs of this at ESA16. There is no online Co-op for this game, so we only got to run this game together at ESA, therefore there is no recording of our Co-op run.
MartinForSlundMartinForSlund Rayman any% 1:35:00 PS USA Link (PLAYED on PS2 for FDS) Really good speedgame with lots of skips. Even though PB may be a little out to date, it will probably be fixed whenever I have the time to play. :)
HoyoHoyo Return to Castle Wolfenstein Any% I am Death incarnate! 0:55:00 PC Link I would love to show a run of this forgotten game. A wonderful game for speedrunning which I have put many hours on for a reliable RTA run.
JangBangJangBang Eggomania Bomb mode 0:13:00 GCN EUR Link You throw bombs at the other eggs
JangBangJangBang Eggomania All character unlocks 1:40:00 GCN EUR Link Unlocks all the characters by beating pretty much everything this game has to offer. Kind of 100%. Estimate is a bit high because solo is hella hard
360Chrism360Chrism Super Mario Galaxy Any% Luigi 2:50:00 Wii EUR Link NG+ Category of SMG which uses Luigi instead of Mario
360Chrism360Chrism Super Mario 64 Any% 0:12:00 Wii USA Link Any% Category of SM64 also known as 0/1 Star.
360Chrism360Chrism Portal Any% No OoB 0:25:00 PC Link Portal Inbounds shows really cool skips and glitches to make this game a really confusing and hopefully mindblowing watch.
360Chrism360Chrism Pikmin 3 All Fruits 2:00:00 WiiU EUR Link I showed Any% last time but this time I want to show the superior category! All Fruits makes use of the multitasking feature a lot and rarely has any downtime.
thiefbugthiefbug The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask any% 1:40:00 WiiVC JPN Link Majora's Mask is a game that doesn't change too much but is always fun to watch and is also relatively marathon safe.
thiefbugthiefbug The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time All Medallions 1:30:00 WiiVC JPN Link Vide is of the current World record. The run is a fun run - especially for people new to speedrunning as it abuses a whole lot of glitches that aren't used in other runs and completely breaks the game.
thiefbugthiefbug Mirror's Edge any% 0:45:00 PC Link Unfortunately this one failed last year as I forgot my hardware. Won't happen again this year and is a really fast paced run and fun to watch.
360Chrism360Chrism LEGO Harry Potter Year 1 - Co-op 1:00:00 PC EUR Link Co-op year 1 run with LosvikeN
ellaapiieellaapiie LEGO Harry Potter Year 1 - Co-op 1:00:00 PC EUR Link Co-op run with LosvikeN
[Deleted user] Crusader of Centy Any% 1:10:00 Genesis USA Link as for now I emulate this on a Wii multi console emulator but I'd rather play on a real console. if someone can provide it or if I get ahold of one myself before then we will see. it'll be solved before then !
[Deleted user] Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 Any% Acura 1:05:00 3DS JPN Link One of the most amazing games for the 3DS got a sequel at last. Fast paced and all mega Man X style action. now with new character Acura (Copen in the english games) he is reminixcent of mega Man cuz he different from Gunvolt he copies the bosses ability! has really cool movement tools and so its a pretty cool speedrun!
[Deleted user] Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 Any% Gunvolt 1:05:00 3DS JPN Link Gunvolt is back, Good speedrun,. new bosses new strats. in this game you gain abilities faster more chances to DM Skip (Desperation move aka ultimate attack) just a really cool speedgame. like the first!
raggenraggen The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Ganonless 0:42:00 N64 JPN Link Ganonless is a unique category that simply doesnt beat ganon. Whats interesting about this run is that its completely different from other categories because you dont route your way to ganon and it has some pretty interesting tricks such as early eyeball frog and the credits warp.
COOLKIDCOOLKID Mega Man any% 0:25:00 NES JPN Link Race or solo
COOLKIDCOOLKID Strider any% 0:08:00 NES USA Link Race or solo
COOLKIDCOOLKID Strider any% 0:12:00 SMS USA Link the beautiful game with beautiful music
FrozerFrozer Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Albus any% 0:35:00 DS Link Albus is the second character you can play as in this game. He can teleport really fast and kill bosses really fast, except for the last five bosses. He can't kill those fast. Also it has good music, but you won't hear it that much.
FirepawFirepaw The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim any% 0:50:00 PC EUR Link The video is not the latest route some parts have changed but it's the time I usually run with
FirepawFirepaw Undertale TPE (True Pacifist Ending) 1:43:00 PC EUR Link Same as Neutral run from last DH but it continues after the Flowey fight on to the Pacifist Ending
SlaskPraskSlaskPrask The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 100% 5:00:00 N64 JPN Link The legend of zelda is a classic game for the n64, and 100% hasn't really been shown of since the new route changes.
JaviJavi Luigi's Mansion Any% No OoB 1:02:00 Wii JPN Link A very fast run with a lot of interesting glitches and strats. My average is one hour and I usually get that time, but RNG can be hard on me so that is why I put a 1:02
JaviJavi New Super Mario Bros. 2 Any% 0:30:00 New3DS EUR Link A new game and a new speedrun on a 3DS. It is fast, funny and interesting. Super good game to commentate and to show the posibilities of Nintendo 3DS for Speedrunning.
MaxieTheHatterMaxieTheHatter Wacky Races Any% 0:25:00 NES JPN Link Fun and straight forward platformers. You might think it has something to do with racing, but not really, except the bosses that have cars. Current PB is bad:ish, will improve. Up for a race with Krazyrasmus if he graces us with a visit
FuzzynessFuzzyness Sega Bass Fishing Any% 0:10:00 Dreamcast USA Link Sega Bass Fishing involves collecting a certain amount of weight of fish to complete each stage (4 in total). There are locations for the green fish and will always be in these different locations every run. The goal is to catch the green big fishes that complete the level in one catch on every stage. This game is played with a fishing rod controller to recreate the realistic fishing experience
FuzzynessFuzzyness Super Smash Bros Melee All Events 0:45:00 GCN USA Link Melee all events consists of going through all 51 events as fast as possible The run uses a lot of AI manipulation and very precise timed strats. Some events have different AI and characters that appear therefore you have to react and play accordingly to what RNG it gives you. I've been running smash bros stadium speedruns on Twitch for over a year, and still do them on Melee Mondays.
FuzzynessFuzzyness Pokemon Red Any% Glitchless 2:10:00 GBP USA Link I've been running Pokemon red glitchless a lot recently. RNG Manipulation stats have been found and runs are way more consistent, you can now catch nidoran with perfect stats consistent. Also can catch nidoran and paras with a frame perfect pokeball throw. Surge cans are no longer RNG as well. Half of MT Moon encounters are completely skipped. I should have a sub 1:55 time before Dreamhack since I run this very regularly. My current PB is already 1:59 with my first completed run with RNG Manipluation and since then I have been practicing the route and menu'ing. A race of this would be cool since this game has a lot of runners and RNG is less of a factor.
NordNord DOOM Any% 1:15:00 PC EUR Link The newest DOOM game with some crazy cool stuff, got some new strats not yet used in the video and it is now a really short run.
NordNord DOOM Any% NG+ 1:00:00 PC EUR Link The new DOOM done really quick, this category has it all with crazy timing of boosting and maintaining speed as well as crazy cool OOBs!
NordNord DOOM All Secrets 2:00:00 PC EUR Link The new DOOM game with all the Secrets done with some unique strats to the category, might be changed due to new findings that will speed it up even more!
NordNord Rise of the Tomb Raider Any% 1:30:00 PC EUR Link The latest game in the Tomb Raider series and a really neat run, contains crazy tricks to clip and slide in areas to skip major parts of the game, the video is outdated but the run is now sub 1,5 hrs.
NordNord Postal 2 Any% (Enhanced Mode) 0:35:00 PC EUR Link The highly controversial sequel to Postal and considered a classic on PC, runs on the normal category contains loads of walking and is slower but this category allows for the game to be completed in under 20 minutes IGT! This is due to a glitch which allows you to fly using the shovel. Other then that there are several skips for each errand you have to complete such as skipping triggers, doing precise shots, abusing the unstuck system and more.
NordNord Country Justice: Revenge of the Rednecks Any% 0:15:00 PC EUR Link Certainly a hidden gem among FPS games on PC, you play as a real redneck having to save your goat from an evil scientist creating undead creatures of humans and animals alike! A run concists of fast driving, insane bonus stunts and totally intended clipping.
NordNord Warden: Melody of the Undergrowth Any% 0:45:00 PC EUR Link From a small indie studio comes a N64-era inspired platformer which turns out to be anything but solid. Janky movement physics with some oversights in level design allows for a quick run which skips more than half the game!
NordNord El Matador Any% 0:45:00 PC EUR Link This is the Spanish version of Max Payne, really hard game even on easy with some really neat OOBs thanks to the slow-mo system.
dxtrdxtr Mega Man 1 All Stages 0:25:00 NES USA Link I will be at Dreamhack Between Saturday-Sunday!
dxtrdxtr Batman: The Video Game Any% 0:15:00 NES USA Link I will be at Dreamhack Between Saturday-Sunday!
dxtrdxtr Ninja Gaiden Any% 0:15:00 NES USA Link I will be at Dreamhack between Saturday-Sunday!
SvenneSvenne Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels Any% Luigi 0:12:00 NES USA Link Solo run
SvenneSvenne Super Mario Bros. 3 Any% No Wrong Warp 0:13:00 NES USA Link Considered the best NES game
SvenneSvenne Super Mario Bros. 2 All Levels 0:26:00 NES USA Link I'm pretty good at this game
SvenneSvenne Super Mario Maker Blind Run (Race?) 1:00:00 WiiU EUR Link I can get anyone from the mario community to send me levels that I can speedrun blind for one hour!
EdenalEdenal Mega Man Any% 0:25:00 GameGear USA Link It's Mega Man, but on Game Gear. Pretty, smooth and all too short. Takes parts of Mega Man 2-3-4 and combines them into a short adventure. Music sucks tho. Not my video, but I'm getting there
Pro_JNPro_JN Magic Sword Normal Beginning 0:28:00 SNES JPN Link I can be there on saturday and maybe sunday.
TaggoTaggo Super Mario 64 120 Star 1:55:00 N64 JPN Link If other 120 runners show up this could be a race, I know Flippy_o and Hampern have expressed interest. If not, I'd still be glad to do the run myself.
druvan7druvan7 Mario kart: double dash!! 150cc All cup tour 0:40:00 GCN USA Link drive fast, get rng'd... you know, intense things will happen!
druvan7druvan7 Mario kart: double dash!! 150cc All cup tour 0:40:00 GCN USA Link drive fast, get rng'd... you know, intense things will happen!
Linkus7Linkus7 Luigi's Mansion Any% No OoB 1:02:00 Wii JPN Link Any% No OoB is a pretty cool run. A 2 person race with GameIT_ES would be prefered!
Linkus7Linkus7 Luigi's Mansion Any% 0:20:00 Wii JPN Link Amazing optimised run, really short and shows off how broken a game can get.
Linkus7Linkus7 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Master Sword 1:50:00 WiiU EUR Link The Wind Waker HD has recently been optimised alot because a new glitch was found called Item Slide. This glitch allows us to build up alot of speed over a short period of time, and we can finally super swim, island hop and do alot of new skips in HD. I spent the past 2 months grinding Any% and imo Master Sword is a perfect category to show of the new glitches and what we are able to do in TWWHD.
Flippy_oFlippy_o Super Mario 64 120 Star 1:55:00 N64 JPN Link Submitting for a 120 star race with Taggo. Already discussed with Taggo and Edenal, may bring in Dwhatever on the race if he plans to go.
Flippy_oFlippy_o Mario Kart 64 All Cups (No Skips) 0:45:00 N64 JPN Link pb is old but I am not in any means rusty. Run should be around 40min mark if I don't make any major mistakes.
jelluh24jelluh24 Super Mario Galaxy Any% Luigi 2:50:00 Wii KOR Link Playing the absolute fastest way possible by using Luigi instead of Mario and Korean instead of any other language. Could make it even faster by letting someone else collect my star bits and stun enemies with a second controller.
DutchjDutchj Super Mario Sunshine Any% 1:25:00 GCN JPN Link Every speedrunner knows this game, lots of cool movement and some cool skips.
whitefirewhitefire Super Mario Galaxy Any% 3:00:00 Wii EUR Link Extremely improvable run! Very happy about the progress I made with this
PhioPhio LEGO Star Wars The Video Game Any% 1:10:00 GCN USA Link This run was in the previous Dreamhack, but since then there has been many new discoveries. This game is really broken and has lots of fun glitches and tricks in it.
BiinnyBiinny Super Mario 64 70 Star 0:55:00 N64 JPN Link This is one of the most popular category's in Super Mario 64, this run is very fast paced and includes some of the most difficult strats in the game.
BiinnyBiinny Super Mario 64 16 Star 0:20:00 N64 JPN Link 16 Star is an extremely fast paced category, with many huge game breaking skips.
angelaachanangelaachan Rhythm Heaven Any% 1:00:00 3DS EUR Link Just a fun game with some nice tunes.
MeridianPrimeMeridianPrime Dr. Mario Any% 0:40:00 SNES EUR Link Old video, but you'll get the idea.
JangBangJangBang Carol Vorderman's Sudoku Career 4:00:00 PS2 EUR Link Can easily push it down under 4 hours just by turning off autosaves and not going to the bathroom mid run. If this gets in please give me a prime time slot because I really need to be at my mental best when doing this otherwise it won't go well at all so no graveyard shifts ok sike lmao do whatever you want I'm a god
MeridianPrimeMeridianPrime Dr. Mario Any% 0:40:00 SNES EUR Link Old video, but you'll get the idea.
ChrisoofyChrisoofy Wii Sports Resort All Sports 0:30:00 WiiU EUR Link Wii Sports Resort is maybe for anyone else just a normal sports games from the wii era that everyone played with their grandparents and parents. But the Speedrun of this game, to be specific the category of All Sports, is quite interessting and funny to watch. Especially because i waggle the wii remote a lot in all the different sports. Even tho i grinded the runs offline i practised some commentary on stream but watching the run itself should be funny enough.
MeridianPrimeMeridianPrime Dr. Mario Any% 0:40:00 SNES EUR Link Old video, but you'll get the idea.
JockeMSJockeMS Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Any% 1:40:00 WiiU EUR Link I've done this run for both Pre-ESA and DH Summer before, so you're probably familiar with the run. Fun and impressive platformer with cool tricks. Could probably get Spike to do commmentary again. I won't be at DH this time around, so this is an online submission.
JockeMSJockeMS Pokémon X Any% 4:30:00 3DS EUR Link Pokémon has always been popular, so this could draw in some viewers (especially since it's one of the lesser known speedruns of Pokémon). The game is actually pretty unique as you don't use one Pokémon throughtout the game like most other runs, but switch between 4 which makes for interesting strategies. It's also one of the more safer marathon Pokémon runs. It's a bit long of a speedrun, but I can easily cut off another 20 minutes by the end of november.
JockeMSJockeMS Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast All Cups 1:20:00 Wii EUR Link This is kind of a joke run, but hey, it's kinda fun. People have probably heard of this game but never actually seen game play of it. It's kind of unique as a racer, since you don't use the standard drifting mechanic to go faster. Donation incentive for character pick is possible. I won't be at DH this time around, so this is an online submission.
EdenalEdenal Chakan Any% 0:15:00 GameGear USA Link Short, sweet, scary, shitblock
EdenalEdenal World of Illusion co-op 0:30:00 Genesis USA Link Co-op with Grukk
ParadoxKarlParadoxKarl Super Mario 64 Any% 0:12:00 N64 USA Link AKA 0/1 star. Race with 360chrism.
jelluh24jelluh24 Ninja Guy Any% 0:20:00 PC Link This game is awful. It's broken, has terrible jokes and is borderline racist. I'm not exaggerating when I'm saying this is the worst game I've ever played. Should be fun to watch :)
ParadoxKarlParadoxKarl super mario 64 ds 50 Star 0:55:00 DS USA Link A good middle ground run where you have a good amount of content, but also some interesting major skips. My gameplay has improved a good amount since last DH which has allowed me to beat the TAS of this category (although it is pretty bad). I'm putting up 80 star as well for something different, although I do think this category is the more interesting run. Also considering 8 star, but I'm not too sure if I'm comfortable enough doing it in a marathon situation.
ParadoxKarlParadoxKarl Super Mario 64 DS 80 Star 1:25:00 DS USA Link aka No Major Skips. More content than 50 star, and you also get to see some variety in character (luigi is used as well as mario). You also get to see rainbow ride and tick tock clock in this category, which both have some really interesting and broken strats.
NordNord Shadow Warrior 2 NG Any% 1:05:00 PC Link The sequel to Shadow Warrior 2013, this game is very fast-paced with lots of action, relies heavily on moment and adapting to what map from a set pool is picked during your run. Routing have already made the game less than 1 hour for runs!