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Announcing the details of ESA at Dreamhack Summer 2017!

After some time confirming details, we're now able to reveal the details of the ESA marathon happening at Dreamhack Summer 2017 Keynote. We were very happy with how Dreamhack Winter 2016 went and strive to continue on that path.

If you want to read more about the announcement, you can do so here:

Dates: 17-20th June 2017
Location: Elmia Fair, Elmiavägen 11, 554 54 Jönköping, Sweden
Opening hours: DHS17 is open 24/7, from 08:00 CEST on Sat 17th June to 10:00 CEST on Tue 20th June.

During DreamHack Summer 2017 part of the DreamHack Speedrunning crew will hold a keynote in the Fan Zone located in the Fan Zone in Lobby Syd. The keynote will cover the basics of speedrunning like history, tips and tricks and also some demonstration of some of the glitches in some of the popular games.
The speedrunning keynote will be at the Lobby Syd Fan Zone on Sunday 17:00 CEST.

If you’re interested in being a part of the keynote, please contact Edenal or Planks.

Mainstage showcase
During Dreamhack Summer 2017, we will have the opportunity to show speedrunning on the main stage. The sessions are limited to 1 hour and we will have one or two sessions during the event.

After submissions appropriate games will be decided after talking with the runners.

Deadline for submissions are May 1st.

Daily Blocks
Depending on the submissions we will strive to go back to themed days. Viewer count was steady throughout the last event, indifferent to the theme of the day. Themed days works well with the groups who usually attend the Dreamhack speedrunning events and we see no reason not the stay on that course.

From 5am to 2pm the live stream will stop and show a time-shifted re-run of the previous day’s runs, without the setup time. This is primarily to make sure everyone is well rested and fresh, but it also means our friends in Eastern time zones can see as much of the the same content ‘as live’ as possible.

This time we are going to be back in the old spot in Hall C, but bigger. If you were there during Dreamhack Summer 2016, you know what to expect. The viewing area with a projector will be facing out into the hall, allowing more spectators to view the stream.

Sign up as usual, here at You attendance will be confirmed by Edenal closer to the event.


Please post them in the thread or at Discord (

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Signing up as voulenteer for dhs.