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Phase 0

Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Date  
FirepawFirepaw Hollow Knight Any% 1:10:00 PC EUR Link This will be the Glitchless version of the run. Hollow Knight is a fresh new Metroidvania like Game from Team Cherry that has a nice visual View thanks to it's handrawn style. Most of the Glitchless run is a technical run with precise Movement and Boss Knowledge. My PB right now is 1:08 with the old strats but will be lower and around 1hr or sub 1hr when the event is going down since right now I prepare myself for ESA Germany with Undertale
360Chrism360Chrism Beyblade VForce: Ultimate Blader Jam Any% 0:30:00 GBA USA Link This game is a 3D BeyBlade platformer for GBA with great mechanics that will guarantee an amazing show! Recently, a TASer helped us optimize the game along with making most of the skips RTA viable. The controls allow for boosts, breaks, and the ultimate attack that clears enemies out of the way. Boosts, ramps, boost pads and jump pads allow us to pull off huge skips and shortcuts for an impressive showcase.
360Chrism360Chrism Super Mario 64 0 Star 0:12:00 WiiVC USA Link This category focuses on beating the game without any restrictions. The use of Backwards Long Jumps (BLJs) allow me to complete the game with 0/1 Stars. This would make a great incentive run.
360Chrism360Chrism Super Mario Bros. Any% 0:10:00 WiiVC USA Link Very short run that simply shows how to beat the game with warps. Could be a good filler game. Requires very short setup time.
thiefbugthiefbug The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild All Dungeons 3:00:00 WiiU EUR Link Despite this being the latest and a very fresh entry in the Zelda Series, this game and run is really fun to watch and perform. It leaves the shackles of staleness behind that other Zelda games had to deal with in their runs and is enjoyable to watch in a variety of ways. Due to the huge map and the nearly infinite amound of ways to beat this game, there is almost no run which uses the exact same strategy other runners do, making each run always a tiny bit different. The run aims to beat all the Divine beasts before heading to ganon, showing off a variety of cool strategies to beat the dungeons which were designed to be beatable in an unimaginable amount of ways. The run is usually done via amiibo and NFC chips that are also used in amiibos - but this would also set up for a nice donation war or incentive - whether I have to use amiibo or not.
thiefbugthiefbug The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time No IM/WW 1:45:00 WiiVC USA Link This run aims to beat the game without manipulating any glitch affecting the memory of the game - this means that it won't be using Wrong Warps, RBA or GIM, which all either bring you to unintended locations or give you items that you weren't meant to get. It's an interesting run to watch as it still abuses a lot of mechanics in the game but still shows a lot of the game itself as some ocarina of time categories might have suffered from the discoveries of the last years. (The video linked is about as fast as my personal best which I never highlighted or saved anywhere)
LosvikeNLosvikeN LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Freeplay 1:15:00 PC Link Really cool speedrun with tons of skips due to a specific glitch called Spiderfang, using one of the characters in the game, a dog named Fang. This run uses a 100% completed save file, which allows us to use any character we want to complete the 24 levels.
[Deleted user] Crusader of Centy Any% 1:15:00 Genesis USA Link If someone has this game on a original system I'll gladly play on that.
[Deleted user] Mega Man X 100% 0:40:00 SNES JPN Link (Video isn't PB cuz there is no footage of PB) Video is the most recent run I had.
FirepawFirepaw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time Any% 1P1C 0:30:00 SNES USA Link This nostalgic SNES Game ran on Hard Mode Difficulty focuses mainly on optimizing Rahpaels attacks to advance as fast as possible through the stages. There will be some certain mechanics used on the Bosses to defeat them aswell as a Glitch that allows us, while using 2 Players, to skip through Technodrome.
DamarshDamarsh Pandora's Tower NG+ S ending 2:05:00 Wii EUR Link This Game is an Action RPG made for the Nintendo Wii. The category that I would be running is New Game + S ending. The aim of this run is to go through all of the games 12 Twelve Towers as fast as possible. When you start from a chapter you keep all the items in the game this allows us to get all the items we need before we start the run this allows us to go all the way through the game without having to pick up any items. This run is a very technical run with no glitches making the run all about movement with bits of RNG added into the mix. I set the estimate at 2:05:00 the reason for this is because all of run is movement based some mistakes or bad RNG could result in lots of time loss so the 10 minutes allows for these mistakes should they happen. My current PB for this run is 1:55:44. I plan to reduce this time down by another 3-4 minutes before the event if I can get runs consistent the estimate could be lowered by another 5 minutes. If possible I would like to race this category with another speedrunner PKMNTrainerGian I feel this would make the run alot more exciting as it would come down to who has the better movement and RNG. Another note is that even though that this game is for the Wii I am planning on running it using My Wii U due to the game loading slower on my actual Wii.
MeridianPrimeMeridianPrime Star Wars: Rogue Leader Any% 1:10:00 GCN EUR Link Race with KVD. Practice is still on the way so for the idea of the run I linked an existing video. Hench the 1h 10m ETA just to be on the safe side. There are some hickups in the run that can ruin it hard with quite some time loss due to RNG.
KVDKVD Star Wars: Rogue Leader Any% 1:10:00 GCN EUR Link Race vs MeridianPrime
KVDKVD Super Mario Kart All cups GP150cc 0:33:00 SNES EUR Link Completing all cups in 2p GP mode (for faster menuing) with a game I have played for ~10.000 hours
PokespartanPokespartan Pandora's Tower NG+S 2:05:00 Wii EUR Link Pandora's tower is a JRPG released for the Nintendo Wii. The aim of the game is to make you're way through 12 towers and recover master flesh to stop your friend Elena from turning into a beast. NG+S requires the player to make there way from start to finish using a previous file. this means all the items collected on this file are available to use. This means the run is purely movement and RNG making even the slightest mistakes punishing. I would like to race this game alongside Damarshm0nster if at all possible.
PokespartanPokespartan Star Fox Assault Bronze Any% 0:52:00 GCN EUR Link Star fox assault for the nintendo gamecube is a mixture of both on rail and ground based action. The speedrun features many different tricks and strats for every level from clipping to skipping sections of the game by dying. I got a good reception from running this game last year and believe it will be a good addition to the schedule again this year.
360Chrism360Chrism Pikmin 3 Any% 1:00:00 WiiU EUR Link Pikmin 3 Any% with lots of glitches! yay
NoizeehNoizeeh Super Mario 64 16 Star 0:25:00 WiiVC USA Link Always a good marathon run, willing to turn it into a race aswell!
Flippy_oFlippy_o Super Mario 64 120 star 1:55:00 N64 JPN Link 120 star speedrun, willing to do other things too (except selling my own body)
FirepawFirepaw Undertale Temmie College 0:32:00 PC USA Link h0i! It's Temmie and we send her to Cool Leg! yaya. This run is a short Misc. Category run where we gather 1000 Gold and send Temmie to College
SBCzSBCz Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut Sonic's Story 0:35:00 PC USA Link This is Sonic's first 3D, voiced acted adventure and features 7 stories with very different mechanics. Sonic's Story is the longest of which but shows off a lot of interesting overworld movement and level placements to cut down the time.
kyonlionkyonlion The Cat Lady any% 1:50:00 PC Link -contains blood, gore, and partial nudity (for like ten seconds) Other than that it seems like horror games are under represented at these sorts of events.
kyonlionkyonlion The Cat Lady any% 0:35:00 PC Link Point and click horror game with a few entertaining moments.
kyonlionkyonlion I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream any% 0:35:00 PC Link Sorry, submitted game under wrong name. This one is correct for IHNMAIMS, Cat Lady submission is for 1:50:00
COOLKIDCOOLKID Mega Man any% 0:25:00 NES JPN Link Mega Man speedrun on NES
MaxieTheHatterMaxieTheHatter Castle of illusion HD any% 0:40:00 PC Link #MickeyMickeyMickey Your favorite mouse makes a return. Edenal asked me so nicely to play this game, so I might aswell
MaxieTheHatterMaxieTheHatter Castlevania Symphony of the Night Alucard Any% 0:25:00 X360 EUR Link Fun game with interesting tech, has been at every marathon in existance.
snapcasesnapcase Khimera Any% 0:25:00 PC Link Khimera has never been shown at a marathon before and I think it would make a great addition to the schedule. It's a fast paced platformer that plays like a mix between Shovel Knight and Mega Man. After each boss you get an upgrade that helps you in traversing the levels. It's a fairly short game that has some interesting strategies and glitches that I think would make it exciting to watch and hopefully bring some new players to our community!
COOLKIDCOOLKID Mega Man 2 any% (difficult) 0:35:00 NES JPN Link Mega Man 2 speedrun on NES
COOLKIDCOOLKID Mega Man 3 any% 0:40:00 NES JPN Link Mega Man 3 speedrun on NES
MeridianPrimeMeridianPrime Star Wars: Rogue Leader Any% 1:10:00 GCN EUR Link Race with KVD. Practice is still on the way so for the idea of the run I linked an existing video. Hench the 1h 10m ETA just to be on the safe side. There are some hickups in the run that can ruin it hard with quite some time loss due to RNG.
Flippy_oFlippy_o Mario Kart 64 All Cups (no skips) 0:45:00 N64 JPN Link Pb'd in this category a few months back with no prior practice for a year, with a few hours I'll pull off a godlike run
DamarshDamarsh Ghostbusters Any% 2:30:00 PC EUR Link Ghostbusters: The Video Game was released in 2009 for DS, PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360, PC and Nintendo Wii. The category that I would be attempting is the Any% category (For PS3 Xbox 360 and PC). I set the estimate for this submission at 2:30 this is due to me being rusty in terms of practice but allows for mistakes by the time Dreamhack rolls around I should have better consistency and the estimate could go down by 5 minutes.
COOLKIDCOOLKID Magical Quest 3 Starring Mickey and Donald easy co-op 0:40:00 SNES JPN Link co-op with kkorvis
Linkus7Linkus7 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Any% 2:00:00 WiiU EUR Link Finally after years of testing and looking, Barrier Skip has been found and made RTA viable. Great short and fun run that shows of how broken a game can be
MatteMatte Super Meat Boy 106% 1:30:00 PC Link Can also do dark ending or any% if need be
DonDoliDonDoli Knytt Stories The Machine 100% 0:19:00 PC Link Knytt Stories is a level creation software made by nifflas. The game comes with a default level, which happens to be a very good speedrun. It features fast movement, tight enemy dodges and a few interesting sequence breaks and out of bounds. 100% gets all items and the secret ending and it's a run that has been worked on a lot in 2017 with new skips found this past week. For a shorter runtime, any% normal is a similar, but more concise run with an estimate of 13 minutes. For a longer runtime, there are five other official levels to run in addition to The Machine.
charleoncharleon Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance Maxim Any%, All Bosses 0:20:00 GBA USA Link Always a crowdpleaser, going from all bosses into the minute short Any%! Was last showed in Dreamhack Winter 2015 I Believe. Since then some new strats has been developed for Maxim All Bosses.
charleoncharleon Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Any% No 0HP Glitch 0:20:00 GBA USA Link Zips, Shopglitches, optimized movement, this game contains it all and did a showcase at DHW 2015 (I think), where I ran the All Bosses cathegory. Any% is a bit shorter, but no less a crowdpleaser with a lot of RNG to rile the crowd (or more specifically, ME) up