Please let us know what you liked/disliked about the event.


I guess it's my job to start this off, I'll just post stuff in whatever order comes to mind

- Scheduling
One thing that CoolMatty preaches for marathon is setup blocks, they have them (and usually use them) for GDQs, having them for this marathon would have greatly helped keeping the schedule on track. The other thing is last minute shifts in the schedule, my run (post-tech issues) was scheduled for 9:30am but when I woke up, it was suddenly at 8am. I was fine with that but if my run was at 8am and sudenly was pushed to 6:30 there's no way I could have known and I'd have slept through my run

- Size of marathon area
Was pretty small, my biggest issue was the lack of room around the runner, especially since part of it was in the way of the projector. The other "issue" is sleeping people, I didn't really have a problem with that, the one thing that could be an idea is to have a few soundproof foam walls around for the tech crew to sleep and just poke them when things start to break. Other people could sleep there too I guess.

- Advertising
The only place other then the NASA twitter where people could see that a marathon was going on was like 1 other tweet from the DH Speedrun twitter account, a couple of people that I spoke to on discord didn't even know that it was going on. Talking to people from GDQ or SRL to maybe get a tweet or a twitch host could have gone a long way, or even just asking to have the stream show up on SRL's front page.

- Nametags
Could have been useful

- Practice
Was sometimes rought trying to get some practice in cause of the lack of TVs but that might also have been part of the marathon area size

- Screen transitions
Displayed the logo and nothing else basically, could have added things like next 2-3 runs + runner's names or find something to fill the time with (premade videos maybe?)

- French restream died
not too sure what happened exactly but it seems to have eventually been forgotten about. To be fair, we didn't have that much man power at any given point and not many people were familiar with all runs

- Paid passes
Super 100% appreciated

Other then that, the marathon was pretty great, tech crew and runners were all awesome and all the runs I saw were fantastic, I'd definitely go back if there's another one

- Other things from the event (not speedrun)
Monster energy sponser was as good of an idea as a bad one, I may never get over this newfound caffeine addiction

Smash was great, could have used more stations at times

No sunglasses at merch hut :<

Shirts were cool though

Lots of food options close by, was great

Rest area was a good idea but I only heard about it like a week before the event started. I probably would have stayed with a hotel anyways, mostly because to the best of my knowledge (and the fact that I saw some people attempting to wash themselves from the bathroom sink) there were no showers which could have caused... issues...

Staff were checking bags on the way out but not on the way in, that sends quite the message

Met Kage, he was pretty cool

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The marathon area size was small due to the fact that originally a retro zone was going to be right beside us so that is how it was setup. Obviously that retro zone never happened and if we knew that then the area would have been used and our layout would have been much nicer to have

(edited: )

To add a little bit on to what quo said. I think having more TVs just to do non-speedrun stuff on would have made it easier on our morale. Just a corner with a few more TV sets so we can take a break from speedrunning and still have something to do, especially for those who aren't really into e-sports.

Another thing was the chairs. Something with a cushion or structurally sound would have been nice. However chairs can be a tricky thing, especially when we had to work with the space we had. Definitely would not have the room for everyone to get an office chair for example. So I'm not at all resentful for the way that situation turned out.

I can also vouch for the awesome food selection. That was a big concern for me but I never went [super] hungry and was kept in a good mood. Also, having to pay 60 bucks for a complete train ride as being my only cost to attend the event was sick, probably the biggest highlight of the event. I know there's more, but I can't think of it right now.

I would definitely have an interest in doing this marathon again, and it was super cool being able to connect some faces to the names I've been talking to online. As well as meeting some new runners and making friends

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I had tons of fun organizing this event and participating in it this weekend!

Here's some feedback about both the event, the runners and the staff:

We got a perfect score for attendance during this marathon. Absolutely everyone on the schedule showed up and this is immensely appreciated, especially with the other problems we had, having someone not show up would've added a layer of complexity that we didn't need.

Everyone was super nice, and I don't mean this as a blanket comment. All the runners were genuinely nice and sympathetic, kept being supportive especially when we went through stressful moments (tech downtime).

I also really liked the fact that a lot of people showed as early as Friday to help with whatever or just chill with us all weekend instead of just dropping by for their run and leaving after. This might be one of the main reasons the event was so enjoyable, got to meet a lot of new people (or people that I only talked online).

One thing that could've been improved was run commentary. I did not hear a lot of it mainly because we couldn't hear people talk back in the tech tables, but I knew when people did not talk at all. Please take this constructively, I know a lot of the runners were french and may have difficulties commenting their run in English at the same time, but I think this is a point that was lacking generally (of course some of you guys had superb commentary, nothing to say here). I'm guilty of this too, I barely said anything during my Jurassic Park run, I did not prepare at all for this run.

Also thanks to everyone who brought stuff (consoles, games, TVs, etc.) it made everything easier for us.
I want to make a special point about the french restream, as it got saved by Terran2034 and SuperBigKMart (and JeedUnit), but it wasn't always manned. It's probably my fault though, the schedule was pretty much made last minute and it wasn't clear whether or not it should be followed. Would I have to do it again, it would be organized better than what I did for DHMTL. In any case, thanks to everyone who participated in the french restream!

I liked the positioning of our booth, right next to the staircase made it easier for people to see our spot. Unfortunately, it also was really noisy since we were close to the loud booths which was kinda annoying.

It was also unfortunate that the "reverse projector" forced us to setup the projector screen in-between the crowd and the runners.
The speedrun event didn't get at lot of promotion/advertisement. This is in part from Dreamhack's side as they didn't really talk about it aside of having a page on their website with a link to horaro. NASA didn't advertise much either, aside from doing an automatic tweet at each run, there was like 3 tweets total during the whole 3 months we had to organize the event. I'm not sure what else has been done on their part but the viewer count wasn't impressive considering we're talking about NASA.

How could it get so cold? I probably caught a cold during the event no joke, it felt like we were in a refrigerator!
We came early Thursday to setup a lot of stuff, but there was nothing for us until like 9PM. We didn't have power, internet, we only had 9 tables prepared, that's all. So there was a lot of waiting to do for us for stuff to arrive, so we couldn't work on tech setup before Friday morning. Also the computers came late too, we almost had to bring our own desktops to fill missing computers.

Internet dropping like three times Saturday was devastating. Seems like it was because the people from the MSI booth unplugged the switch when they left... No idea why it happened 3 times though.

The guys from NASA were really pleasant to work with, and I'm not just talking about the weekend. They brought good ideas for me doing the schedule and they were also open to mine which made the whole organizing thing easier for me.

I also liked that we split ourselves the tasks early, so we wouldn't overlap work, they would cover all the tech side of the event, where NoReset would manage logistics, runners and french restream.

About the dreaded technical difficulties, I believe they could have been minimized. Of course I know that every live event will have technical hiccups, which is acceptable, but these were more than hiccups. It may have helped if we added more setup time between runs, but I think the main problem was that not everyone on the tech team understood the setup. One person made it, then went to bed, and we faced a problem that nobody knew how to fix. He gave me a brief explaination before leaving on how things worked, but I had to figure out many things on my own during the first night that the other tech guys with me didn't seem to know beforehand (and I'm not video tech saavy at all). I believe that these problems could have been minimized if we had some kind of plan of the setup.

Huge thanks to every staff member that stayed overnight to make sure the marathon goes on while the others could go rest.

Someone said it was a mistake to have the schedule at two different places (horaro and and this is very true, it should be only horaro as it is so much easier to edit the schedule. The schedule manager on is clunky and not user-friendly at all. It was a problem since we had to move some runs around last minute, but the guys that made the modifications only had access to the schedule. I updated the horaro when there was a modification, but I didn't get notified of every modification so the horaro fell behind at some point.

MemeBag MVP (the red bean bag). Pretty glad that I brought this baby to the event as it was very useful. I received it from mail just in time, it's just pretty hard to carry it around as it takes 100% of my trunk space in my car. Still gonna bring it back next time.

It was also a great idea from Deln to bring water bottles. I bought two packs of 24 for the event as it's pretty cheap and they prove to be appreciated by everyone who took them. I only brought back 4 of them home!

We hatched some hot new memes during this weekend, look out for them!

We managed to fit in the world famous S.O.S run!!!

The N64 Triathlon was hype as fuck (for me at least) and it was a great way to end the marathon. Too bad we had to do it at like 8PM when everyone already left, we would have had a lot of spectators.

Shoutouts to the Super Mario Sunshine race that attracted the most live viewers in the crowd!

Thanks to Loto-Québec and RDS who took time to interview me and GVirus and give us some visibility.

-Last words
To re-iterate what I said at the beginning, I had lots of fun doing this event, and we will continue to make more of them. I'm glad most of the runners told me they're down to come back to our events. We will make efforts to fix mistakes we did in this edition, we read your feedback and we want to learn from it. I hope I'll see you guys again soon, you're a great crew.

QSR represent!

Join us on our discord server if you wanna hang out with us :

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Some of the stuff i said in here

The bad

So ill try to give constructive criticisism when i can but ill just say everything i truly did not like / felt could have been alot better about the event. It will be mostly for the speedrun event itself as i spent most of my time there but there will be a couple thing non related to that but more to the rest of the event.

Speedrun Corner:

- There were almost no light for some reason, as much as it gave a chill vibe to it, i felt like it was bad for the stream cam.
- Having the practice "Area" being right behind the stream setup in a very small space felt really bad. There were very little space to walk and we would sometime be in the way of the setup guys wich already were having trouble.
-Not Having a dedicated area for practice were we would chill w/o having to be carefull with screaming and annoying the runners playing on stream a couple meters aways
-From the complaint above, being a runner and getting distracted by the people playing behind the TV you are running on
-Having almost no CRT for practice, and i think none were from dreamhack themself but just people's bringing the few ones
-Having the entrance being on the stream cam and next to the runners felt weird, there should have been another entrance to get behind the setup w/o potentially disturbing the runner

Alot of these could have been adressed with a seperate practice area, like we had at LAN ETS,idk why it was not a thing this time arround. Also Dreamhack need to provide us some CRT ffs

Stream/Stream Setup:

-Sound was coming from TV, as you can imagine with all the sound from the other stuff going arround, i could hear very little from the game and got distracted alot
-Could not hear Fozzy/Bismuth Commentate very well, had to guess what they said sometimes and fozzy said the same to me
-During the race, i was hearing bismuth audio more than mine, a big problem for stuff like Tiny Phase and Mad Jack
-Staff not having an N64 compatible with JP Cart for my DKR run, litteraly tried to cut tabs live during setups instead of taking mine after insisting, then giving up on it and taking my N64 anyway. they also knew in advance in the submittion than i was running on jp because we had to specify the region/console in it
-Waiting 5 min before somebody tells me what to do in the setup
-Setups taking forever making the stream get super far behind, also probably having setups time that were to tight in the scheadule
-Alot of tech difficuties for setups
-Almost no help from dreamhack themself it seems like
-Almost no advertisement on social media from NASA/reddit/whatever

Some things to make it better:
-Soundproof Headsets for runner with theie game audio + commentator, might be somewhat hard but GDQ does it so its possible, and for races its a must imo
-Better staff, by that i mean staff being more prepared and being faster on setups / testing stuff before runs instead of wondering why it does not work for hours
-Better audio quality for stream somehow
-More advertisement, sad to see the stream with like 100 viewers, its fucking dreamhack come the fuck on lol

Scheadule handling:

Cutting runs/getting faster category to finish the marathon before is very bad imo, if you have that far behind live with it. especially when most of that time is due to setups.

Also on the DK64 race, i got asked if i wanted to cut DK64 race to help them since i and bismuth had another run, i was not going to let them do that obv so i sugested 5 kong instead to wich bismuth also agreed. Then the NASA staff tells us NLE is fine so we start doing NLE, 5 min in the run the QSR (No reset staff) tell us we have to do 5 kong instead and it honestly made me extremely mad, not because it was not NLE (wich i would highly prefer but i was still ok with that) but because both staff tells us diffent things and i was already mentaly prepared for one run and not the other. It just throw my off very badly. Especially that i just had a bad DKR ending.

The good

Speedrun Corner:

-having a seperation between the crowd/runners is good imo
-Stream on big screen looked nice and sound was ok when it was fixed
-Having an area right next to the stair leading to the main hall is nice since most people will see it right at the begening
-The area was really cold wich is a nice change because i had been burning all summer in my no AC appartment, i know some people complain about that but i loved it


-Getting a run per runners and trying to make it work, props for choosing to give everyone a chance
-Props to shokushu choosing my DKR hundo as a backup to drop out (wich happened) after saying i really wanted to do that category instead
-Generaly happy with the games chosen and variety of runners and lenght of the games, mine were 2 of the longest (if you count dk64 as NLE) and i feel lucky tbh


Having the runners tickets's being free and availaible in a special line is a very nice perk that i am very gratefull to dreamhack for so thank you for that.

General Thoughts:

Has much as i said alot of crap about the staff and the stream, i know it was not an easy task and that you guys needed to deal with alot of stuff, but im sure next time will be better with the experience you got here and i can't wait to see how it will turn out next time. Also i understand if it was really hard with the audio with all the noise arround with the other tournaments.

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I probably should have talked to sinister1 about front page shit for this. Oops.

As for the event my only comment is that the projector/mirror was visible in the webcam for some runs, made the webcam adjust to the bright light of that so the runners were harder to see.

(edited: )

Hello Obiyo thank you for putting time into Feedback. Some points I would like to touch up on since I was the Audio Director for the Marathon

Soundproof headsets are nice however they do cost money GDQ’s make them possible because they hire a full dedicated team to audio and have the budget to get nice headsets. We are all paying out of our pockets from part time jobs so something like that is out of reach.
What do you mean by better audio quality for stream somehow?
We were using a pretty nice branded mixer and were using my DJ soundcard which allows for really good quality & sampling rates. The mics were provided by DH and for the price they were they actually sounded good. I literally brought my expensive Senheisser headphones for PC runners to use.

For TV’s there actually was a headphone jack on the main gray one so if you were using that one and wanted sound that was an option. Maybe we forgot to mention but we also did have a thread specifically to have runners let us know if they need something required for their runs I.e headphones or JP compatible n64.

In terms of stream sound we did have a loud environment in a very open venue , sadly the noise would drain out the quieter people and we couldn’t bump the mics up higher or else we would get feedback due to the speaker for attendees to listen to.

Now as for viewership I would like to point out that other than SC2 the other streams didn’t get as much viewers. The CS stream was only around 150 and went to 300 for finals. Keep in mind there was 2 other marathons that weekend & there was also Dota TI. ESA also doesn’t get their normal views for DH.

These are the headsets GDQ’s (and I think ESA?) use. As you can see they cost quite a bit which would be coming out of my pocket.

If there was something you need clarification on or more questions, please feel free to ask. -Lana


I might have sounded harsh in some of the comments, but feedback should be liseting to the complains and taking notes, Not responding to them and try to defend X thing you did. Tho it did clears some of the things up. But some response are prety meh/rude to an extend. Ill leave it there

  [user deleted]

I almost died 3 time over sitting in those horrible chairs, this was made worse by the fact that almost everyone else had gorillian dollar dxracer chairs.

I had tons of time practice my games without taking time away from anyone else which was really nice, thanks to gvirus which allowed me to pratice on his pc friday

The marathon setup was the thing that bummed out the most everything was super cramped, had the french restream actually been there the whole event I would have had the commentators right in front of me during my runs which would have been awkward.

The viewing experience I am sure wasn't great for the people on site as the projector was blocking the view from the runners and the audio was pretty bad as well having only 1 speaker on the ground.

The water bottles were great.

Scheduling was pretty hectic, but I was warned before hand of when my run would start with all the delays which was cool

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(edited: )

You should have said "Please let us know what you liked about the event" if you didn't want people to share the points they disliked.

That being said, I also have some feedback.

- Free passes for the weekend
- Shokushu brought two packs of water bottles, great idea because I don't drink energy drinks
- dark-aries was doing good work at tech while I was there (from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon)
- I was happy to meet some guys and see old memers again
- I got two runs which was great
- Seeing people stop by and check out the speedruns, and sometimes sit on a chair for an extended period of time was pretty cool.

- The Wi-Fi didn't reach all the way into our booth
- The way DH set up the screen for the live audience had major issues: runners had no idea if there was anybody watching live, there was this giant dead space while the setup was cramped in a corner, and you couldn't enter the area without being a distraction on stream and for the runner
- Sometimes the other events at DH were so incredibly loud that I couldn't even hear my own voice when I was talking - even with the headphones in my Splatoon run
- DH in general was not very enjoyable for me; it really showed me just how much the gamer culture is something that doesn't appeal to me at all. I walked around a little bit and basically nothing interested me. What did people come to do there besides compete in the events?
- Viewership was a disappointment for me. I expected between 200 and 800 viewers, but that might just be unrealistic expectations. Overall I think more could have been done to promote the event. I promoted my own runs in my circle of friends, and I think many showed up and watched them.
- I was understanding that some runs were shortened in the interest of time, however I was kind of sad that Donkey Kong 64 almost got completely cut from the marathon. Thankfully, it didn't happen, but that would have been very very disappointing.
- On the same subject, it was hard to keep a positive attitude for commentary when NLE was aborted 5 minutes in and turned into any%. We had been told a few hours prior to the run that NLE had been changed into any%, but then during DKR, I was told that there was a misconception that we'd get booted at 5 pm on Sunday that got cleared by talking to one of the Dreamhack admins who said they were staying until Monday so we had all the time we wanted. Because of that, there was no big rush to cut run time, so we were clear for doing NLE as originally planned. So that's what we did, until we were told that everyone thought we were doing any% and so we had to reset immediately and do any% instead. I can understand miscommunication can happen, but that was pretty major, it probably looked really bad on stream, and the confusion combined with disappointment made the any% race less enjoyable than it could have been.
- My TV for the DK64 any% race had no sound on the right side, and it cost me enough time to lose a PB run.
- The rest area was nice but I had no idea in advance that it was gonna be sleeping in a giant empty room on a cement floor. I felt sore and sick all day on Sunday, and I was tired of the atmosphere at Dreamhack, so I left early.

I'm aware a lot of these points were not in your control. Not everything in this is direct criticism at tech/organisation - they are my general observations about the event. Overall I enjoyed it, but I did feel like maybe it was not worth taking two days off work for it.

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As one of the staff of this event, I will be posting most of my feedback from an overall perspective of the event to add to everything else that was already here. There may be some duplicate information but I wrote this all before coming home from work so I might as well post it. Not that if you disagree with anything I said feel free to let me know and I will try to better explain myself / my thoughts.

>>Event setup
I arrived at the event on the Thursday mid-afternoon to start setting up for the event. The plan was that by the end of the first day I would meet up with some other people helping to run the event (which ended up being Shokoshu and Deln), get all of the gear Dreamhack said they would provide, then test that gear so that when the other 3 NASA people arrived with the rest of the tech Friday morning we would be good to finish setting up. What ended up happening was that by the end of the first day we had tables, chairs, a projector, power (which got set up around 9pm) and an internet connection that we did not have any PCs to test. We got the PCs the next morning at 7am, where one of them were password protected, and found out that the internet did not work. It took until about 1pm to get the internet setup, and 4pm to get a second working computer. This was problematic since our first run was a PC run (Mirror's Edge). These problems caused the setup to have to be rushed in the final couple hours, which lead us off to a quick and unchecked start which was at least relatively smooth.

I won't be going into too much detail about the specifics since other people will be doing that, but the tech had a few problems that could have been avoided with more time. In the months leading up to the event, the NASA staff were under the impression that someone else would be getting a tech guy that would be able to provide most of the gear and run the tech, while we would help where needed. Once we were notified that this would not be happening (5 WEEKS before the event), the burden fell almost fully on us to obtain and provide the gear. In the month or two leading up to Dreamhack,
Dark-Aries spent a few hundred dollars ordering a bunch of gear and cables, renting mixers, and soldering connectors to help run this event. We were able to bring the gear and set it up fine, but the problem with having to order and receive all this gear so late meant that Dark-Aries was the only one who knew how the full setup worked. This caused problems during the first night because it was just myself and Lurk from NASA there (since Aries had been up for 36 hours at this point), so when things went wrong it took a lot of struggling between myself, Lurk, Shokosu, and a few runners who
came to help to figure out how to solve the problem, and even then we still had to call Aries when sleeping to fix an issue. Having less notice and time to setup, caused by having the burden placed on us for tech later than expected and delayed setup times during the Thursday/Friday prevented us all from being able to run the setup effectively.

Due to the tech issues mentioned above, one thing that many people noticed is that we fell a few hours behind schedule on the first night. At the time the NASA staff on site determined that we may need to cut runs or shorten categories since we were under the assumption that we had to be out by 6pm at the latest, so we ended up going into the DK64 category changes which has been discussed at length above. I still stand that this was the right choice since we ended up finishing the event at 9pm. Another problem with scheduling was that there were 2 schedules (one on this site and the other on Horaro). Since the NASA staff only had access to edit the one on this site, we made updates to only that schedule when changes were needed, while No Reset made changes to the Horaro. This caused the two schedules to get mixed up, and after some talks between the two sides we finally rejoined the two to be the same again. This was caused by an issue that I will mention in the next section. Overall, we ended at 9pm, which I felt was much later than I wanted to be out of there considering the 4 of us had to pack up and then do the 6 hour trip home in the middle of the night as opposed to the end of the day.

>>NASA / No Reset "Joint" Marathon
Before I get into this section which will obviously be the most controverial, I would like to say that these comments are based on what I thought each group would be providing to the event. Looking at Shokusu's post above, it seems that there may have been some more miscommunication on what each side was expected to contribute, so this section may be up for debate.

The biggest issue I feel that our staff had with this event was the perceived splitting of work that ended up happening since this was advertised as a joint event between NASA and No Reset. I can break down the contributions as follows:

Gear provided:
NASA - Mixer, Matrix, Scaler, Majority of cables and gear, webcam, mic for french restream
No Reset - Laptop for french restream, a few cables and gear

NASA - 1-2 staff present at all times to run english stream and help runners set up
No Reset - A few staff and other people to run French restream about 25-50% of the time, 1 staff present about 50% of the time to help with tech and set runners up. Note that this is for people I directly associated with No Reset, not other runners who helped us along the way.

Here you can see that I feel we provided much more in these areas. The final area is communication. While at the event, in a conversation I was told by a No Reset staff member (word for word) that "we provided 80% of the runners for the event". While I feel that this is not true, because I believe that runners in the area would have applied regardless of who was responsible for the marathon, it was definitely noticed that since a lot of the runners were from Quebec, they definitely preferred talking to the No Reset staff over us to communicate thoughts and issues. Since the communication between our groups weren't great, I feel that having two seperate groups for contact sometimes caused that problem to grow.
Because of this, other than from a few runners and staff who were very friendly and great to work with, it felt that the 4 of us were outsiders who were there to provide the NASA name and the tech.

As was mentioned before, we had a relatively small area with a projector that took up the whole space so that there was no real connection between attendees and the runners. Since the retro zone beside us ended up never showing, having that space to provide more space for practice, tech, sleeping, and runner interaction would've benefitted a huge amount to the cramped feeling and the interaction of the event. Sound balancing was also quite difficult because during the day some of the stages and vendors (especially MSI) were so loud that it was hard to balance the audio and sound without getting feedback or pulling in all of the outside sounds. Also, MSI pulled the internet plug near the end of the marathon so we lost internet for a few of the last runs. Our location in the venue was great, but I feel that the problems above made it much harder to draw a crowd at the actual venue.

Even though there was a lot of negative feedback above, it is worth mentioning the things that went well. The location of the venue was great with a lot of food places nearby. Having a free Monster vendor was great to get some much needed energy when tired. All of the runners were very nice and cooperative when it came to setting up their runs, and most of the runners were very understanding when tech issues delayed or even moved their runs.Speaking of the runners, I was very thankful to have various runners come and help when they felt it was necessary (shoutouts to deln and pixel911
who both provided help throughout the event when I was there). Also even though I did have a few negative points about No Reset in my post, I wanted to give a huge thanks to Shokusu who was hugely helpful before and during the event.

>>Closing Thoughts
Overall I feel that I learned a lot from this marathon. Even though there was a lot to complain about, it was an experience I would do again if a few things were changed. First, we would need a lot more time to prepare the tech for the event. Knowing 5 weeks before the event while we were at SGDQ was not enough time. For setup at Dreamhack, we would definitely need a larger space and get all of the gear we were promised earlier than a few hours before we are expected to start. As for doing a joint marathon again, I would not want to do another marathon with No Reset. While working with some members of their organization was very positive and enjoyable, some of the other members were too much to handle to make it worth working with them again. That isn't saying I wouldn't work with people outside of our group again, it is just that I would not work with ALL members in this particular group of people again. Thanks for reading this way too long post, and if you disagree with anything I wrote, feel free to message me and I will discuss it as long as the discussion remains civil.

- ThoseCrazyGuys

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Haven't written up my feedback yet however as far as dk64 I can tell you as nasa staff off site when I saw what was happening with the schedule I asked how it was going to be fixed. I talked to aries and Joel and from the get go they told me that they were going to ask for a shorter category not ask to cancel the run, so unless there was a miscommunication with me, that seems over exaggerated. I can also tell you that I have it from multiple people that when they did that they were not informed by the no reset staff member who had talked to max that he had told us we could run over on time. Essentially it's a shame the dk64 got cut short and all of the nasa crew on site and off regrets that it had to happen over a series of miscommunications.

As far as the tech delays go unfortunately a member of no reset told the nasa staff that tech was covered and we didn't need to worry and then on July 3rd (5 weeks before the event) we were told that wasn't the case. Which as you saw drastically impacted the knowledge level some of staff had with our new gear. We will do our best to ensure we never let ourselves get held up on planning like that in the future, and get our core staff more time to learn to avoid messing with runs and runners plans.

I'll have alot more coming later tonight.

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(edited: )

ill keep this short:
-alot of food places
-even though i am not a staff of either sides, i tried to give help if they needed it.
-was fun as hell though
-got to know some new people and finally associate names with faces

some stuff i wanted to say was already pointed out up there so i wont say it.

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I want to apologize for being harsh in my feedback based on the responses. I'm also frustrated by some of the issues we had with the marathon, but I didn't mean to take it out on anyone and totally did. I'm sorry Obiyo, Shokushu, and Bismuth for the way I responded. I had a great weekend and got along with everyone at the event, and do not want to spoil it by being an idiot in a thread.

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My biggest complain would be I felt that no care was really given to the viewing area. Either from the staff, DreamHack and even the runners at time.

- First the audio quality was horrible. We could barely hear what the runners were saying and the fact that most of the time we could hear something in the background much more louder didn't help either. When it wasn't the SSBM music, it was the MSI cult just behind.
- Nothing to keep the crowd was done, at all. It was really heart breaking to see the whole crowd leaves after every runs, especially the one after Super Mario Sunshine, which was huge! I understand none of them came for the speedrun event, so just having people there was great, but seriously, I don't know who would stay there after a run when the only thing you could see is a screen written "DreamHack Montreal NASA Reset" with not a single sound or music.And all that usually for over 10 minutes.
- The reverse projector.... It did a great job, but seriously, people need to learn to not stand in front of a projector. I stayed in the crowd a lot during the event, and people were passing in front of it all the freaking time not realizing there were people watching on the other side.
- It was said before, I even got the explanation why it was done this way, but cutting the runner from the crowd removed a lot of hype imo. Clapping from another room really is not the same feel. But anyway, really just pointing what I disliked there.

Other than that, I didn't follow it that much, but since I have some facts and I saw people complained about this a lot. Was there any advertising for the event? Last week, I talked to some speedrunners I know about it, even some who already attended events like GDQ, and not a single one of them were aware of the marathon. I didn't thought much about it at that time, but now I wonder if the speedrunning community was aware of the marathon at all. And if so, what make it so unappealing that no one spread the word?

Another quick complain and that concerns everyone, not just the staff. A lot of time people were playing other games right next to the runner. Were the runners even ok with this? I don't remember which run, but once I saw 4 people play Mario Party 3 watched by a couple more people, and not a single hype was given to the run. What the heck?

That said, I had a lot of fun. Thanks for all the time put to make this event a thing. Also sorry for being late for my run. We went away really early to eat something, then we got totally cut on our way back by the parade which was one road away from Place Bonaventure. Finally took us about 3 hours to get around it -.- I also learned that speaking english for a crowd is horrifying and very distracting for me. So I have to work really hard on that now haha.

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For the projector, they set that up for us on the thursday because we had requested one. After setting it up and realizing how big it was, the 3 of us there had to make the call of either getting rid of it and sticking with only the TV, or having the areas sectioned off. We ended up going with the second one because we figured the first wouldn't give a good enough view if too many people sat down.

Ideally, we would have been given permission to use the whole area beside us on the Thursday, and move the projector over so we could have more space behind the projector AND a bunch of seats behind the runner. It's unfortunate that we weren't able to get that though 🙁

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Yeah, I guess they kept the area for the retro zone that didn't even happen -.-


Well we left it empty because the loading dock door there was open so people were constantly bringing trucks and gear through all day thursday, and figured that they would just be moving all of their stuff in the Friday morning like we were. It turns out that wasn't the case.


Oh I see. That's unfortunate then 🙁 I feel so much shit and frustration would have been solved with just a little more space. Oh well, better luck next time.