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DreamHack contacted NASA shortly after NASA2016 ended, and asked us to make a speedrun marathon for their event on August 12 to 14. I said sure, and we are collaborating with No Reset, a Quebec speedrun event made by gvirus to make it happen.

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Yo this is sick. Glad someone took and interest in NASA.

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Will the event be cozy? or will it be esports hype garbage?


SsupNerds, I'm sure we can make it cozy if that's all of the speedrunner's attitude at the event.


Depends if you're talking about Dreamhack or the speedrunning event itself


Dreamhack is an esports event most known for hosting CSGO majors, now MTL won't be a major but there probably will be some sort csgo and other esports event going on. No idea what floor space is going to be soon but yeah we obviously aren't going to be the only ones there and should be prepared for possibly how wild the venue can be


Would we be required to pay entry? I mean, I live less than three hours away, so I may submit something, but I would rather not have to pay some exorbitant fee to get into the place.


"We would of course provide the floor space, electricity, internet, weekend passes for all your runners and promotion through our social media."

Runners/tech crew won't have to pay for passes.


that's nice, what if we need to use previous patches for PC games?

Would we need to send the game itself in advance or will we set up on the spot?


Awesome, my bad reading comprehension strikes again. Well, on to my practice work, and submission as soon as I feel good on it. Thanks.


Deln: Darkfox says you should bring the files you need, on a flashdrive or similar.


for PC games if the game is on steam then create a backup of it and then you can restore the backup on the marathon pc. If the game is not on steam just make sure it is playable offline and store it on a flash drive or something similar aswell. As for certain patches that need to be installed after the game is installed then I would say have that on a flash aswell rather than having to download it.


is there any fail safe if a runner doesn't get into the marathon they'll still be able to buy tickets? or if they become sold out it's just sol


DreamHack dude said he would give tickets to runners/tech. So unless you have tech experience than yea, you would be sol.


What about the opposite situation ? Bought my tickets on Day 1 already 😖