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Something I've noticed between the versions of the game is that the saucer animations lag more (or seemingly at all) on Xbox 360 (using the Xbox disc) compared to Xbox, PS2, and the PS4 port (I don't know about PS3).

For now, I based my observation off of Turnipseed Farm as the landing and take-off animations appear consistent no matter where they're done (I recall the times being unchanged when taking off from 'The Lone Gunman' mission).

The approximate observed times (Takeoff | Landing):
My Xbox 360: 22secs (21secs at TheUnbiasedGamer's angle, not furonwarrior's) | 24secs (Ariel Torano's angle)
TheUnbiasedGamer's Xbox 360: 20secs | 23.5secs
Furonwarrior's Xbox: 15.5secs | 17.5secs
(Landing from 'Earth Women are Delicious': [])
Ariel Torano's Xbox: 15.5secs | 17.5secs
Austinthegamer's PS2: 15.5secs | 17.5secs ('Earth Women are Delicious' intro)
James Best's PS4: 15.5secs | 17.5secs

The strange thing is the times appear consistent regardless of location or angle change on all versions except the Xbox 360, which I believe is poor emulation at this point. So the change in angles on lag is likely nonexistent or irrelevant outside of the Xbox 360, and a second of difference doesn't mean much thanks to the slow turn radius of the saucer, so it's rarely likely to be worth accounting for.

My Xbox 360 appears to be a little slow also, but even comparing to TheUnbiasedGamer there are still seconds of difference. Using my 22secs takeoff and 24secs landing animations (because they copied the other versions' angles more accurately), there is still a +2secs difference between takeoff and landing, and appears consistently ~6.5secs slower.

To put this into perspective, there are 27 landing and takeoff saucer animations in the Any% run (including cutscenes, which might have dialogue that lasts longer than 17.5secs, negating the version differences somewhat):
-My Xbox 360 wastes a projected total of ~175.5secs.
-TheUnbiasedGamer's Xbox 360 wastes a projected total of ~148.5secs (if taken as a consistent ~5.5secs each).

I'll need to revisit at a later date and crop & compare my and Austin's PBs to see what the overall difference is and confirm/refute my suspicions.

Also if anyone has knowledge of version differences in general and can offer some insight, that would be appreciated.


For now I don't know about load times as I can't test these because I need footage of definite mashing A/start or X/start through loading screens on the other versions.

The rapid fire glitch for the Quantum Deconstructor used probably only saves 15secs on Roboprez, but I have no reason to assume the other versions can't do it (unless it's bad Xbox --> Xbox 360 emulation at work).


TL;DR: For anyone interested in running the game, at least based on the saucer animations, I would recommend not running on Xbox 360 unless that's all you have and don't mind potentially throwing away 2.5-3 minutes RTA. Also use a different console and get your free WR. 4Head

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I think on ps2, the mission start up loading screen can’t be skipped like on Xbox.


It can't because the level doesn't load fast enough. On PS4 it can but it's not as fast as Xbox


has anyone tested this on xbox one?