Sparrow mechanics
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Sparrow mechanics

I was wondering if anyone knows if the sparrow continues to move at the same speed, slows down or speeds up while you're in the air.

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Im actually curious about this as well any idea how to test this efficiently

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Me and Ringtext found out that activating the sparrows overdrive rapidly gives you an insane speed boost. ScaRdrow has made a video showing how to do the boost fast along with general tips

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Texas, USA

Interesting I may tinker with this tonight and if I find anything interesting I'll let you know

Texas, USA

I tested this each variation roughly 20 times each and took the times that were the fastest

Simply holding boost resulted in incredibly similar times ranging from 8 seconds and 4 frames to 8 seconds and 10 frames

Holding boost (LT) and tapping overdrive resulted in really sporadic times this may be human error but anywhere from 6.5 to 7.5 seconds was seen doing this

Holding RT and Tapping Boost (LT) resulted in the fastest times in my tests resulting in times ranging from rougly 6 seconds and 4 frames to 6 seconds and 20 frames

Regardless of the fact that I pushed the sparrow to explosion in the fastest time it was still roughly a 2 seconds difference.

I plan on also testing trying a LT then RT then Release Repeat method as well to see time differences. Zecora's Video was a good demonstration of this but I wanted to see exact times