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Doesn't really matter if you post it on Twitter or not.
You made your opinion public so you should expect reactions on it.

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Just like you voiced your opinion people voiced their opinions as well, I don't know what you are on about.
The only backlash people voiced was on twitter and that only by a few persons.

Edit: Ok, KBM removed his message from here so my answer goes nowhere now but I'll keep it in here.

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tbf if we are already going to add those 201 new categories I don't see why Gold Crown with CoR skip is where you would draw the line 😛
Especially as that one isn't even a new tab but just a new variable on the leaderboards


Banning CoR Skip would be ridiculous. Banning a trick because you don't like it is like saying banning Duck Flare because it is overpowerd.

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1. KH1Mod



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Sounds like it would be possible.
Does anyone know anybody who has programmed a load remover for an emulator?


The slim is the fastest console.
For Ps2 games it doesn't make that big of a difference on the exact model but slim is faster than fat.


Also how did you determine the time difference?


Hi everyone
I was thinking if there was a way to have load removers for emulators like for example pcsx2? Not necessarily one that scans the screen for certain colors or pictures (Like Black screens) but one that works similarly to load removers from a pc game.


It is the Slim
PCSX2 is extremly inaccurate


New Bounty!
If anyone manages to find a skip for the Luxord Ship race in KH3 they are awared 50$.
A secondary way to aquire this bounty is to find a way to consistently finish the Luxord race blindfolded as it seems to be impossible to finish. So if anybody finds a consistent blindfolded strat they can aquire the bounty as well.
If you want any insight on what has been found by now you can message bubzia as he has been on the forfront of blindfolded KH speedruns.

Bounty set up by bubzia


OBS is fine
I'd rather not use Streamlabs OBS though.

Depends on what looks good for you.

You can log into Streamlabs website and copy the widget URL into a Browser Source.

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Ok, question got answered.

Another question:
Emulator doesn't have the sword glitch apparently, at least it hasn't ever worked for me as it seems to be tied to the Frame Drops. So I think that category doesn't need to exists on the leaderboards I think.


You do realise that emulators are pretty inaccurate and with a better PC you could just have a lower loadtimes, right? 😃
The hardware "advantage" is more like a uniformity, not advantage.

Oh, so I guess between PAL and NTSC there isn't a real difference.


The loadings just look like on Emulator as they are pretty much non-existent.
I don't mean it as accusation, I am just curios on how I lose that time 😃


So I wanted to learn the speedrun and came across a few things I wanted to ask
First of all, I compared my run to Garl_Memory's run and his loading times are way shorter than mine. What console model did you run this on?


I wanted to ask a few questions about the run as it catched my interest.
First and foremost, why is Ps2 FDS banned?
Furthermore, as that is usually something that is allowed: Which version is the one that is used for runs?


What Capture Card do you have?
If it is the Elgato Game Capture HD it works.
I think it only does not work with Elgato Game Capture HD60


Because emulators are way to inacurate.
Depending on how good your pc is load times are faster or slower.
As for the game, it's not expensive in general. You can find it for >10 bucks.


After he forms the bubble he will fly away.
You prevent it by hitting him.
Once he flies away he can be staggered which is harder on ps4 due to 60 fps. I believe he moves around twice as fast.
There is no real visual cue for it and a lot of people have different strats for this. Some people count in their head, some people have a feeling for the timing, other ones use an audio cue and I personally use a set of combos.
But like I said, he get's staggered if you hit him while he is moving, so you just have to get used to the timing.


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