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I have a doubt about the pacific route, if i defeat the king fighting instead of just waiting until he gets tired, it still counts as a pacific route?


Enemies in this game don't die when defeated (HP hits zero), they simply run or fly away. Likewise, King Card doesn't die when defeated either, he merely gets overthrown or falls asleep (depending on route). I say if the king is defeated by HP hitting 0, it would no longer count as pacifist. (But I suppose the mods would have to decide on that one, 's just my opinion)

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The point is to just get the true pacifist ending. You can defeat the king and still get the ending, and thus it is allowed

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please, upload a guide of the pacific route, what i have to do in order to get it?


Don't have time to do it, but I'm sure someone here does.


All you have to is
Never. Let. Susie. Attack.
You can do this by warning the enemy through the ACT menu, and using Ralsei, you can warn all the enemies.
The only thing you have to attack is the king. Do not attack anything else. (Except C. Round and the first encounter with K. Round, as they don't understand warnings)
(If you want to waste time getting an OP weapon for Susie, you can also fight upon Jevil)
Oh, and turn on Auto Run.


Auto run is not recommended.
For pacifist you do the same as you would in any% with the exception of the Jigsawrys (you warn them then spare them) and any encounter you miss (so if you miss Head Hathy skip you have to spare all of them). Then you'll be forced to activate a cutscene at the end.


Also Urie, there is no such thing as the 'Pacific' route. It's True Pacifist.