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It means that you need to get an oryginal starwalker
Then run finishes.


Translation: He is asking for Starwalker% (Talk to the Original Starwalker)

and yes, I think this is a good suggestion for a meme category.

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this probably isnt gonna be a category for a while, if at all, cuz category extensions arent gonna exist til the full game is out

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this also doesn't sound very good LOL there are 2 differences in chapter 1 and both combined is a 20 second detour for nothing assuming you mean both forest and jail starwalker

and for chapter 2 its just timeloss in like a single cutscene as well as some different menuing


For a meme category I think it should include Chapter 2's Starwalker scenes, especially if Berdly is picked for the gift as it gives the longest snake! He's not completely useless either: having the original Starwalker adds 5 HP to the Thrash Machine against Giga Queen (capped at 250 though)! Also since it's a meme category why not include the Duck Thrash Machine too? Personally I like colour 2, 4, 0 for a nice yellow duck with orange beak and red feet!


theres already gonna eventually just be a "meme%" category, where you do every single meme objective in the game, but probably only when the full game comes out and there are bigger memes

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