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There is currently an issue with Deltarune with certain PCs that causes the game to run at the refresh rate of the monitor in Fullscreen, rather than the standard 60fps the game runs at. This causes the game to speed up drastically, and is entirely dependent on monitor refresh rate. For instance, I have a 144hz monitor so this bug makes my game run at almost double speed.

Since Toby is actively working to fix this issue, the mod team has decided to ban the use of this exploit. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused and for it not being addressed sooner.

For the time being, if you are affected by this bug please avoid using fullscreen, as to not provide an unfair advantage. If the game is too small for you, you can download a free program called AutoSizer that can resize small games like Deltarune (and Undertale, by extension) to a bigger window size.

Feel free to ask any questions.

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Actually, I have a sort of fix for this. When I had first played this, I never noticed speedup on my CRT monitor that normally does 85Hz, because my default monitor when I had launched the game was 60Hz, and I changed my default to my CRT while the game was open and then fullscreened, but when I launched later when my CRT was still default, it was playing much faster (I admit, the speed feels good :P). If you're doing a New Game+ where you can open the game before starting the run, you can make sure to set your default to a 60Hz monitor, then change it to your preferred not 60Hz monitor but not get the banned speedup from using a non-60Hz monitor.

EDIT: AFAICT, the bug isn't related to fullscreen, since I seem to get the speedup without even going fullscreen.


dose this effect recording devices as well?


In my first playthrough of DR I had this bug happen to me. I have a ASUS VG248QE monitor hooked up via DVI running at 144hz, which is what I have been using for half a year. I tried to recreate it today by seeing if F4 or enabling Fullscreen from the in-game menu makes a difference, but I couldn't get it to trigger. Hopefully some of this info will help figuring this out if it hasn't been fixed yet.


Have you reinstalled the game ever since? I belive toby has not pushed an update, but I might be wrong


Nope, I have the same version of the game since my first playthrough, which was in early November.


good thing im too broke for a monitor over 60hz