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I just finished 34:12 run of True Pacifist NewGame plus as my second run of the day and the run I was planning to post to speedrun. I was live streaming it on twitch and it looks like twitch just died on me several times during the run. It created three videos, 24s at the beginning, 23s at the very end, and 14m of my Prison/Castle raid parts. The entire rest of the run is nowhere to be found.

Obviously, I can't post this run because there's no proof the rest of it actually happened, though who'd cheat a 14th place PB into the score, so I was wondering if anybody has any ideas how I can do this in the future so nothing is lost. I was thinking about recording to my desktop as well, but I'm a little afraid that Deltarune + The Timer + OBS -> Twitch + Chat + Video Recording might be too much for my computer to handle. Does anybody have any other ideas as to what I can do in the future to prevent something like this?


Local record, which is just recording and streaming at the same time. An uncut VOD will be saved to your hard drive.

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