Jevil Key Fragments

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--Note that this is AFTER talking to Jevil in his prison cell the first time.--

1st Key Fragment: Take the door back to Fields, and go left towards Seam's Shop. Enter the shop, and choose
talk/STRANGE PRISONER and Seam will give you the fragment.

2nd Key Fragment: Take the door back to Bake Sale, and proceed through the double bloxer room to the ballerina room. In the room with the ballerinas in Forest, go down + left instead of right at the second set, then go down at the middle of the 3rd set (there's a hidden pathway there).. Dodge a triple Rabbick encounter and go up at the end of the room, then open the chest in the next room for the fragment.

3rd Fragment: Take the door back to Fields, then go right + up, then up in the room with the Rudinn encounter, and (try to) dodge the Jigsawry before going to the puzzle (Diamond, Switch, Diamond, Spade, Switch, Spade), and getting the fragment from the chest.

Once you have all 3 fragments, go back to the bake sale area and go up to the smith, where he'll fix the key in order for you to be able to use it. Proceed back to Jevil and you can open the door.

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