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This marathon will be taking place from October 28th-30th.

To submit to the marathon, go here: .
Submissions will be taken from now until September 22nd.

We will be using Discord to spread updates, chat and manage the marathon. Invite link can be found here:

If you have any questions about the marathon feel free to ask!


The public doc with all currently submitted runs is here.


Are races allowed? (for example MKDD race)


You're free to submit a race, just mention it in the category and say the other runner somewhere else.


It might be better to let the other racer also submit and mention it's a race
Note for next time; a "comment" section

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No website I've looked at has told me, where is this happening?


Im guessing you really want it to be strimmed, probably going to frown upon a prerecorded video


That's kinda how marathons work, crusher. OneHand b

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so, if this is all happening online, 1. is living place a problem, for example, UK might be laggy. 2. where are submissions being taken?


Hey Hypnoshark,

I'll make a formal post sometime soon, sorry for the shortage on answers. But hey, there's always the discord I see you've joined :].

1) It doesn't matter where you live, I believe we had an australian runner aswell last time. However, we do kind of want your internet to be fastish/¤¤reliable¤¤. If you can stream to Twitch with an upload with a bitrate of 1k+ bitrate without dropping frames/losing connection, that'd be great. Of course, the higher the bitrate, the better.

2) Runs can be submitted via this link;


There is no theme to our marathon, so whatever you'd like :]


Think you could lower the Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga estimate down to 3:35:00 for now (could be lowered further to 3:30 in the future)? There have been some rule changes, which lead to route changes since I submitted it.


Done c:. It'll take a while before it gets updated to the public list though, only 1 of us has access to that.

@Milk here's your calling


the submissions i have sent through could be lowered by 10 mins as well (each) thx 🙂