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Whoa was not aware of so many Defender-Runners - cool.

I also did two runs for this game (100%) and (Any%) on my Amiga-Emulator.
Both Version (NES % Amiga) seems to differ to much to be placed on the same Leaderboard in my opinion, so I wanted to ask, if you can extend the Leaderboard for additional Versions of this great game.
If not I am of course also fine with being put in the current Leaderboard.
You can check out my Any% here (100% seems not to be a thing here)

Thx & Cheers


Just checked out the video and the amiga version looks like a lot of fun. Good job on the run!

I agree that adding a new category for the amiga version would be the best. Seems like they are _very_ different. Hopefully one of the mods will see this thread soon and add it. 🙂

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HI TootToo,

okay since nobody was answering I just submitted my run an it was rejeted cause it only a leaderboard for NES.
So it seems it will not be considered to add a leaderboard for other version then?