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Hey, I was just wondering the difference between the definitive solo and vanilla solo categories. I’m just confused as to why Nord and others runs are in both definitive and vanilla categories even though it is the exact same run on the same version. I assumed one of the categories to be for the definitive edition of the game but I’m not sure. If someone could clarify that would be great. Thanks.


Vanilla and Definitive are different enough in gameplay that we decided to split it up into different categories, but the boards got a little messed up when we made the split. I'll message one of the moderators and see if they can try to fix it.


Okay thanks, I figured that was the case but I wasn’t sure.


Hey there Zeddy,

A couple months ago the community realized that the differences between Vanilla and Definitive Dead Island are too impactful onto the pace of the respective speedruns and as such we split the boards in to two categories. However, there are speedrunners that specifically go through the site hunting for free World Records on low population speedrunning communities and we didnt want our leaderboards being picked apart by low effort vultures. As such we left the longstanding runs (since they do not use the newly developed methods that cause the drastic division between the two versions), so as to preserve the current competitive level.

Hopefully I see your runs submitted soon!
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