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Since the game as been extremely quiet for a little while, we need to lighten it up a bit. Welcoming ideas on new categories, also on creating a discord for the runners if it's of anyone's interest.

Also let me introduce myself, I am Sciku a new supermod to this team and also a new runner. I've been messing with the categories for new strats and optimizations. That is all from me, hope to hear from you guys!



I have a suggestion on the category I run, which is Escape% SWF:

My friends and I just started "speedrunning" SWF just to generate points as fast as possible (average runs would be 4-6 minutes), and our goal was always for everyone to escape.
Personally I think that it should be mandatory for everyone to escape, or at least forbid disconnecting, since, in the current state of the rules, it would be possible to just get your three teammates to disconnect and get the hatch at the start of the game, which would be pretty lame. Forbidding disconnections would be an easy way to rule out the aforementioned exploit without altering the rules too much.

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Rule change can be made for no DCing, thanks for the suggestion.

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