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Could the rules be updated for each category? They're the same for every one and it doesn't make much sense


1st Loop: I'll probably gonna add accepted emulators like MAME (with the latest update).

I'll leave the defaults lives (3 for both bombs and lives) alone because of making sure the Arcade version stays the same with the number of lives at the beginning.

I'm not sure about the difficulty setting for the XBOX360/PC version. Maybe I'll set to default/Middle rather than Novice/Low or perhaps removing mentioning about the difficulty and only mention lives and bombs instead.

I'll leave the removed score runs rule alone as they are a lot different than doing a speedrun.

Misc: I probably feel like removing Novice and Arrange even though there are few runners that played XBOX360 or PC version. I know those two categories felt the same as 1st Loop with some minor changes and the dumb number of lives rule that I put there.


It says for 1st loop that novice difficulty is allowed but then that makes me wonder what's the point in the novice misc category?

It'd be nice to black label and black label arrange added too, although I feel like I'd be the only one running them aha.

Thanks for the quick response btw 😮


So I'm gonna remove misc categories for this game then.

I'll add Black Label (and maybe Black Label Arrange if there are anything major changes for the 1st loop) once I research it enough and see if the emulator for that game is working. I know both BL/BLA are in the XBOX360/PC version.

1st Loop for both 1cc and Continue should be the main focus for now.

EDIT: I also remove misc categories for all Cave games beside DaiFukkatsu that I moderated as I feel like it might be the same thing as 1st Loop and All Stages and it feels completely unnecessary for them to exist. It is too bad I shouldn't add these misc categories in the first place.