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Afternoon all!
I've recently been speedrunning DDO, as i've been fairly bored lol. I've been playing on and off from 2011 and ive been speedrunning for around a month.
I believe i have an almost perfect run that should be the world record, but i am fairly confused.

Robert's the moderators run (first place) is said to be 25 minuets 51 seconds. This is confusing as it is not almost 26 mins. The moment Robert selects the character creation is 2 seconds into the video, he finishes Misery's peak in 28 minuets 3 seconds (into the video). This means the run was 28 minuets and 1 second.

If you want to start the run as soon as he enters Korthos then that is at 1 minute 54 seconds. If we do 28:03 take away 1:54 then that leaves us with 26 minutes 9 seconds. This is not 25 minuets 51 seconds.

Lastly if we take away 25 minuets 51 seconds from 28 minuets 3 seconds, then that leavs us with 2 minuets 12 seconds. So if we foward to 2 minuets 12 seconds in the run, he is already running in Korthos.

Im not attempting to spread any hate, im just trying to point out that the speed runs time is inaccurate, and needs to be changed. This is a brilliant run from all that i watched, and will still get a near perfect score but it did not achieve 25 minuets 51 seconds. If i do not get a reply, this will be forwarded. If your reading this Robert, my apologies if this post came across rude.

Have a good day.


Hey! Rocket here (I assume you meant Rocket and not Robert lol)

I don't think it is rude at all! I appreciate that you spent the time to watch at all and respect that you want to keep me honest. I will retime my run (from the first action on Korthos, after the stuff with Jeets and the Airship) now and get back to you soon. My only recording software was the built in Windows game recording software on Windows 10 or I would have included my Live Splits counter along with my video. I will try to find a better software to record me re-timing my run.


Hey! Just retimed it, my time on the video starts at 2:08 and ends at 28:00. My timer still says 25:51. The video does not end right when the run does. If you watch farther into the video it is just my character dancing for a bit before I cut it off. Here is an image of my timer, the splits are a slightly off from actual except for the last one bc I was just doing it approx. at some points bc the end time was the only onee that mattered to me.