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So, while messing around at the Bernadette boss battle today, I stumbled upon this. Just a fun, weird glitch at the moment but could potentially lead to something bigger.


I already talked about this glitch being possible to do in one of the first posts here (Walking on her feet), it does look like you can hit the head of the chicken earlier then with regular routing through what you just did (Great find) but I very much doubt the insane risk of being crushed to death is really worth it to get the potentialy maybe 1.5 second timesave over the entire boss fight, it might cause a rather insane reset rates.

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So yesterday UIJess streamed some practice of some glitch we've been talking about, nephew glitch, useful for 100% runs if it can become consistant (But it's rather hard to do)

This one to be exact:

But then something stranger happened....

This also caused the cutscene to skip at the end of the level of the bear falling, this could be quite a potential timesave for 100%.


I have been noticing a lot of anomalies concerning objects spawning, platforms starting to move etc. related to Donald's vertical height - The eggs at the Bernadette boss fight is a perfect example, where they spawn both faster and closer to Donald if he's in the air compared to when he isn't. I wonder if that has something to do with the bear falling down that hole, if it has to do with UIJess landing on the box in that fashion, or if it is something else.
I haven't really tried running 100% yet, but I just might try it out, just to uncover what caused this.


Just felt its worth mentioning that with the glitch above its been really consistent to do on N64 emulator but has not worked once on the original cartridge or the pc version


And to add to UI_jess' comment, though I got the bear to fall through the floor elsewhere twice (but not consistantly), I can't get it to work in the spot UI_Jess is getting it consistantly at in N64 EMU at all. - As in I am completely not getting it to happen.

Makes me wonder why it appears to happen in UI_Jess' emu version but not mine as they should be identical.

Also: To respond to Kompx: I can confirm that, that also happens in other places, such as in the first moving platform in 1-3, you can see in my run it spawns very low down rather then in it's normal location after I jumped.


Yes, the same thing goes for the second platform in the same level. My experience is that if you jump on the moose, you will get to the platform when it's moving towards you. However, if you jump over the moose or simply go straight by punching it, the platform will just start to move away from you when you reach it, rendering it easier to cross the gap. I am curious if you are able to do something similar with the first spike coffins at 3-3. You normally have to wait for the spikes to disappear here because you are angry Donald from performing the pumpkin skip earlier. If you could manipulate the cycles in some way, you could possibly save 1-2 seconds on this part!


Check my current PB run in 3-3, you can skip 2/3 of the cycles with spikey coffins by just properly timing your jumps, as it takes a bit for the spikes to appear, I don't know if you can actually manipulate the timing so you can skip all 3 cycles, but it's an interesting theory. It actually saves quite a bit more then 1-2 seconds.

Sidenote: Though it's easier to clear the gap in 1-3 when it moves away from you at the start, it's faster if it just arrived, because when you time your jump right you can get some extra speed win out of the platform just starting to move right when you land on it. Easier doesn't always mean quicker 😛



Well this just happened on my stream, I don't think it'll be useful but it's certainly a weird glitch.



So I just found this new movement optimisation, It's not a glitch, but still, might be useful.