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Both me and Mec are doing full runs to the actual end of the game while the other 2 I see listed are simply killing the dragon which isn't the ending to the game.

We need clarification on Any% as it makes little to no sense having these runs put in the same category.

If some just want to run to the dragon then it should be in its own category but the Any% run is pretty much clear from both mine and mecs run.


Basically this, if we were playing to that standard then technically I've got a 1:10 atm :^)

Reasons that Dragon% shouldn't be considered Any%:
- You can't get to NG+ afterwards, there's still 20 minutes of story content to finish.
- The actual internal 'speedrun mode' of the game ends at the Seneschal/Godbaning section.
- There's no IGT to reference like in the real credits.

Reasons that Dragon% is currently being considered Any%:
-Some faux-credits roll.

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I'm also going to pickup the Any% category, but I want to know if Hard Mode would be placed in a different category to normal mode. I would say it should as Hard Mode awards double exp/dcp/rc, so the route may be slightly different for fastest time.


The rules need to be better defined, need to be more mods for that most likely. Not sure why it says max 5 portcrystals as I don't see the point in that being a rule, why max 5 when you can have 10?

Last weekend I routed All Main / Sidequests ( NG+ ) and earlier today I did a test run of my route. I'd say this is a cool medium category that's a bit longer than any% NG+.
All Main and Sidequests would be defined as doing every main story quest + every non notice board quest triggered through NPCs. I used this page for reference: http://dragonsdogma.wikia.com/wiki/Side_Quest_Progression

Could also have a new game variant although that'd make the run quite a bit longer.

Finally I'd like to ask if there's any better place than these forums to discuss speedruns for this game. I'm in the general speedrun discord group if that works, or there could be a separate discord made.

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