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We have noticed in the level boards that the old moderators in the past didnt really make the rules clear, they actually have some missions timed RTA then some missions timed in Clear time. which we do not like.

from this point onward.

All Story Saga's will be timed in RTA Starting from when you accept the first mission till you see "Finish" on the final mission

All PQ's will be timed by Clear time (Can be found in the top right corner after you complete a PQ.

All run's will be retimed in this purpose. and rulesets will be updated. if anyone has any questions feel free to ask.



Changes made:
-Level Saga's Retimed
-All Level PQ's Set to Clear time
-Trio(3 Player) Parallel Quest's now accepted on Regular and DLC boards
-Added Co-op Parallel Quest Level Boards(Duo and Trio Runs)