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Since the game's release Arcade mode only had Arcade modes for regular difficult and a Hard difficult but has also now added a "Random" course selection which is 3 new stages for Arcade mode.

What i'm trying to decide here is do we include the random stages for 100% now?

Of course the Random stages introduce elements of RNG giving you different opponents and makes the run alot longer in general but that is now the true "100%" requirement, I was thinking about adding a sub category for Arcade 100% so runs could be submitted for this new true "100%" requirement but also still have a board under Arcade 100% for the old rules of just playing through the normal and hard modes.

What do you all think? should the board just be left alone and we ignore random for 100% altogether or do we add it into it's own board?


do what you like bud, seems like a good idea

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